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Tung Oil


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I am using Tung Oil on a couple different guitars....my question is....It looks so good without the clear coat...what kind if clear coat would you suggest that would keep it looking like it is? wow thats kinda confusing..... :D any help is greatly appreciated.

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I'm not recommending that you do this but shellac is pretty good at being a universal barrier coat. It will stick to most oil finishes and allow most clear coats to stick to it.

This will not do much in terms of preserving that oiled look but will provide more protection. Check into it further before trying it - I don't remember if shellac works with tung oil but I'm pretty sure it does.

If you decide not to go with shellac, I don't know what your options will be since the neck is already oiled. I don't think many film finishes like nitro, ... will adhere properly to an oil finish directly.

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A paste wax will retain most of the look, adding a little shine. It will improve the moisture protection and because it's a wax, less debris will "stick." I almost always paste wax at the end. A little goes a long way. You can use a lot and let it really harden before buffing for a different type of feel. You probably wouldn't like it, though. A heavier paste wax coating can turn into a "my grandma's old rocking chair" finish.

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