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Guitar body

Guest Petrix

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Hello, I have just joined this site, and find it most informative.

I have a question;

Why are solid guitar bodies mostly made from 2 parts, I do not understand what the benefits could be. Could anybody tell me?



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It's cheaper for the manufacturer to buy wood in those sizes.

And trees are not left to grow as large as they once were before they are hewn down, so the larger pieces are more expensive. The laws of supply and demand set the prices.

If the company isn't turning in a profit, they'll no longer be turning out guitars.

Basically, that's what they can get at affordable prices. :D

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Hi Petrix and welcome to the forum!

I believe there are two main reasons for choosing two woods for your guitar body:

1) You can have one "main" wood in the back that may be cheaper than the more aesthetic woods, such as quilted maple, so instead of building the entire guitar out of quilted maple - one uses things like mahogany, oak or basswood for the main body, and then put a nicer looking thin sheet of wood on top for looks.

You will see this commonly in guitars that have a stained or see-through wood-treatment top finish.

2) In general, mixing different woods yields different tonal qualities to the guitar as as whole. Different combinations give different sustain for example.

Can anyone else think of more reasons?


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Yeah, Drak I didn't even think of it the other way but I see now that it might have been what he was asking (neck throughs with 2-part bodies)

Not even necessarily neck thrus. Even bolt on/set neck guitar bodies are often made from 2 or even 3 part bodies.

so long


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PS: Do you have any projects going on, Drak?


...ohhh, about 15, give or take. My obsession, y'know... B)

I did just start a new project last night, speak of the devil. It's for a friend of mine, it's a 'slap-together' parts-o-caster made out of leftover pieces I've accumulated over the years. Body from an electric Ovation, hehehe, but it's pretty cool, shaped kinda like a Jackson, Maple neck from a Gibson/Epiphone Tele, I'm going to spray it red... it's a raked pointy-headstock neck, also kind of Jackson (go figure on that one), some kind of imitation black Floyd I had lying around, I'll post pics when it's done, I'm taking pics of the progress so far, it's a fun project, and all free. Most of these parts came off of guitars I bought at pawn shops years ago before I started building my own, but it's going to be pretty sweet, not cheap at all. I'll probably want to keep it dammit, the guy is a big Metallica fan so I'm building it with that in mind, thus the Floyd. DiMarzio Super Distortion or a SD JB will go in the bridge (EMG's aren't free B) ) Black body and hardware, red-tinted Maple neck, black headstock face.

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