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woods for thru neck 5 str bass

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I'd like to do a 5 string neck-through bass and am planning out which woods to use for the neck. I was thinking of a 5-piece laminant neck. 3 slices of maple (outer & middle) with 2 stripes of a darker wood for contrast. I'm not sure which woods would work well w/ maple that are stable enough for a neck. I'm not TOO worried about weight because I think I can compensate for that later w/ the body or what not, and I plan on keep the "dark stripes" fairly thin, like 3/8" each or something.

I was thinking of either: purpleheart, wenge, merbau, bubinga or ovankgol (or whatever you want to call it) and I'm having trouble deciding. I like how all of them look, and understand them to all be fairly hard.

Anyone have suggestions that have maybe used these types of woods, or even suggestions on how many laminants is too many (is there such a thing?). In the future I hope to do like a 9-piece neck, unless that's just plain stupid, I think it would look cool.



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i say wenge, bubinga, padouk or purpleheart. any 4 of these in a laminate will give you a nice solid and stiff neck. choose the one you think looks and feels the best to you.

my personal favourite is bubinga. i love it so much, i have bought enough bubinga to build six necks. :D

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