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Painting Humid Weather


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G'Day Folks,

I'm a retired guy getting back into building a few guitars for friends and family after a 45 year absence and am having issues with painting. Unfortunately, I'm forced due to space restrictions to painting in a tent outdoors which isn't bad at times but it rain quite a bit. I've noticed some hazing on particularly over dark paint when finishing with nitrocellulose lacquer lately after putting on coat or two and was wonder whether it due to the humidity. Just wondering whether I'm wasting my time or are there things I can do to compensate?

All feedback welcome........

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that is most def due to humidity.  common issue.  worst is... freq you can get blush from humidity that shows up a year later.  Doen'st just happen to nitro but it is pretty infamous for it.  Things you can do to mitigate: warm your lacquer and do extremely light coats that you let dry for longer than normal.  if using a compressor def want a filter on it/water trap.  other than that... it's really best to wait to lay down paint till you have lower humidity.

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On 10/21/2021 at 10:18 AM, sandman said:

Thanks for the advice.......... Can the hazing be buffed out, or would sanding and reapplying the lacquer be better?

there is some spray... well just watch this video (i believe it's butle cellusolve(spelling!!))


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On 10/24/2021 at 4:11 AM, sandman said:

Thanks for this, I use a lot Mohawk products and I must have missed this one.....

i too am a big fan of mohawk.  Before I had a compressor I was all about their lacquer color tone series... still have a can of that that I have to use.  About the best quality from a rattle can I've ever experienced.  Now, using their guitar nitro lacquer and it's also very nice.  Can't recommend them enough.  

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