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DiMarzio PAF Pro,Fred


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I would upgrade the amp first. Your stock pickups are not THAT much different than upgrade pickups. You would need a better amp to even appreciate better pickups. I've been there. I upgraded pickups before upgrading my amp. The "thrill" didn't last long , because the sound of the same old amp, comes through more than anything else.

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WAIT !!!! Sure go to GC to try some out ( but be prepared that they will do their best to talk you into buying something).

You should go to some of the amp forums , and look around at what people are buying for probably less than 400-500.

take the time to find an area on an amp forum where you can ask what is a good amp to buy. 400-500 is a lot of money, and many people have spent that on amps they ended up not liking (I'm one of them). Then there are people who have kick-a$$ amps they only paid 200 for. So do the homework of narrowing down what's the best thing to go after.


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Of course the Fred and Paf Pro have enough balls to do metal. I had them in an Ibanez RG470 a while back, and they were fine for that kind of music. The thing I liked about the was that with the volume rolled back some of the clean tones were awesome. People think that just because certain bands use certain pickups thats all that should be used for whatever music they do. With the right amps settings and detuned strings I can get a great metal grind from my Strat!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember opinions are like arseholes..................................everyones got one..............this is mine. :D

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i have a fred in a strat copy. i like it for rock, and bluesy type tones, but it is not too great for the high gain, john petrucci type tone. i think it has too much mid range for a tight metal sound. the paf pro is good for the neck, because metal rythm is played mostly from the bridge pos. for a rippin metal sound, i sugjest "steve's special", or "Tone zone", or even an "x2n", or "super 3" for passives, but wes will tell you that metal is only metal with emg's, for active the way to go is the 81/85 combo. zakk wylde uses this set up in his lesters.

on to the amp situation. get an amp first, it is the cornerstone. a super great guitar played thru a **** amp will sound like crap.

just my .02

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