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tiny tiny tiny tiny guitar

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i was laying on my bed thinking how cool it'd be to make a whole guitar (including neck with tiny tiny frets :D ) that was about 20cm long at the most...would make for a cool GOTM (even though it wouldn't be playable)

i was thinking has anyone done this before, any ideas of what would be cool etc??



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if it's that size, people would pick it up and try to play it. Maybe one that fits in the palm of your hand ? You could use regular thin wire for fret-wire. For stuff like the bridge, you could make a mold in a piece of clay, using whatever to stamp a mold of the saddles and base plate, then pour a little epoxy in there, when hard, pull it out, toothbrush/solvent clean it, sand the bottom flat, then paint it silver.

I once made models of all my big workshop tools and tables. Even a detailed wood model of my 'luthiers workstation' workbench/neck jig. It's about 5" long. The drill press is the same scale and looks pretty good. The table even slides up and down the column. Saw an article in 'Fine woodworking' that showed how people made models of their workshops to experiment with how they wanted things arranged. I ended up going a little too far with the idea.

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Hey! I did something like that: it was purely decorative.

It was about a foot long, but I made the body out of 1/4 inch wood, so it just hangs on the wall. Its like two dimensional, except not... if you know what I mean. Its very artistic- i made an intricately carved bridge, fake pickups.. all the good stuff, out of different exotic woods. And i used wire to look like frets, and nail heads as polepieces. It turned out pretty cool and it cost me approximately... nothing! Sorry i cant post pics, I dont have anywhere to host them.

Good luck!

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