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Gold Fret Wire?


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Sorry about that, Brian. I can see it here :


If that doesn't work, I think I found it by clicking on 'necks' >'guitar necks'>'fretsize'(on right side menu), then scroll down. it's like the page you found, but the new gold wire is there at the bottom. "copper without the nickel" I don't like the sound of that.

Problem is, I don't think they will sell just the wire. I hate places that boast about their fret-wire but won't sell you any. When I get a bigger supply of fret-wire, I'm going to offer some for sale. Doubt I'll have gold though, but who knows what I might have sooner or later.

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Oh, it will be a while. I'll soon be out of the country for 6 months. I'll keep my eye out in Europe for fret-wire if it's too good of a deal to pass up. Supposedly a company in Holland makes good wire. Too bad the US dollar is no longer high against the Euro or I'd be able to make a sweet deal. Still got my eye on Stew-mac #155 though.

I'm still looking for alternative sources to Stew-mac, which is why I keep putting off buying a bulk amount from them, which is also the reason I missed out on your last "stew-mac" run.

I might not buy any until the fall. I have some #150 right now and it should last me, since I will soon have to take a 6 month break from refretting :D Maybe you'll do another "stew-mac" run then, in which case you could keep a few pieces of my bulk amount of fret-wire and just pay me the same that I'm paying per foot, or something like that. Maybe a bunch of us can order a HUGE amount of fret-wire and divide it.

I'll probably also eventually offer it bent and all the pieces cut to length for anyone who wants fret-wire but doesn't have a good fret-bender, like I do.

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Parker uses Stainless steel. It also has no tang, it's placed in the fretboard mold and glued up and autoclaved with the fretboard. I don't have a clue how you'd replace a fret on that, but you really should never have to. I had a parker and didn't like the feel of the stainless frets. I think Warmoth sells SS fretwire, but I have no desire to get into it, I was a machinist for quite some time, and I'm to familiar with it. It sucks to work with, I'd hate to have to level or crown them :D

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