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6 to 7 string conversion...

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I don't know about prs as I don't like their terribly overpriced and average guitars and dont care about their products at all. However Ibanez uses the same body dimensions for 6 and 7 string guitars. The Ibanez Universe has exactly the same body then the Jem. I don't think that it is neccessary to change the body size when going from 6 to 7 strings. As you said the difference would not be great anyway....


Marcel Knappp!

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i think i heard that the Universe and 7 string rg's are actually a LITTLE different..... the inside of the horns is widdened so that the 7 and 6 string neck's have the same sideway support.... if that makes sense? again just what i heard

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It does mess with the cutaways, though. So in carving your cutaways you may find that you don't just use a tracing of a PRS, but maybe you round the inside of the upper cutaway differently. The PRS body comes into the neck joint with straight lines, so widening the neck might move the neck joint over enough that it's into the carved part of the upper cutaway. But even on a real PRS the top carve seems to start about 1/4" from the fretboard, and that'll accomodate a 7 string. So I guess I'm saying forget everything I just said. :D

But if you're going to do something PRS-like but different, it is something to consider. Even the Universe if you superimposed it over a Jem would show a little difference right at the neck pocket in the way that they round upwards to approach the neck joint, mostly on the treble side.

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