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today there was a salesrep in my bro's paintshop and he was looking at my just finished routing jigs for my upcoming guitar and he asked my bro if it was gonna be a satch chromeboy... My bro is not the one to talk about when it comes to guitars but anyway, he said he has some kinda paint that will actually leave a chrome finish (over a deep black base and sealed with a bunch of clears).

Have you ever seen this stuff? He'll be back in a few weeks to bring some samples to test with.

It's somekind of 'complex' spaying to achieve the best result but it is not the stuff we used on our bikehelmets and get them hard-chromed (dipped ina bath). So it's chrome in a jar...

I'm planning to use it on my crappy epiphone after i stripped and sanded it into a decent shape.

ps. its the same dude that supplies my bro with metalflake, rainbow/holoflake etc.


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For glow in the dark I want to try

"Strontium Aluminate with Europium as the activator. This stuff beats the tar out of any Zinc Sulfide which is what you have been use to. It glows brightly for hours and hours. You can use the powder by mixing with paints, glue, epoxy, plastics you name it!"

6 Oz. for $45


looks interesting...something i may want to try on my 7 string v i am working on

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Apparently the glow stuff goes on invisible... if you were to do glow flames on a colored background, they wouldn't show at all unless it were dark.

Taking this idea further, what if you did one flame pattern with colored paint, say, yellow on red, and then a different COMPLIMENTARY flame pattern that only shows when it's dark enough to be seen?

The possibilities are endless!!

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