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Gibson Necks

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I guess this will be my first post, but anyways back to the point. I will be starting my first project on a SG body I got, and I was wondering are there any good places besides Warmoth to order necks for a Gibson?

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I'd keep an eye out on ebay. Carvin used to sell set-necks long ago. not anymore. But maybe someone had bought one and never used it, and might put it on ebay. I know that's quite a hunt, but it can be fun trying to score stuff like that. I've had items appear for sale after I couldn't find them, but kept wishing real hard that I would .

Actually, the guy didn't say if his SG body is routed to take a set-neck.

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From what i understand, the warmoth necks are all made for a strat scale (at least thats what ed roman says). As far as buying a set neck goes, I have never seen em sold seperately. Have you considered building one?




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Warmoth doesn't sell set necks...only bolt ons...(they'd likely make whatever you asked for though)

they do have 24 3/4 scale for the warmoth and LP style headstocks...but they call it 24 3/4 conversion I believe...I don't know if that's any different scale...they also have baritones and mustang scale necks

The necks are designed to fit in a strat pocket for most...

He didn't really specify a set neck though...epiphone has some bolt on's for the cheaper range like the g-310

If you need something done from warmoth they probably will if you ask...

If you have the neck pocket routed though that really limits your options


I just noticed that he said it was a bolt on

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