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Kahler Flat Mount Trem?

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Does anyone here know what the status of the kahler International is? I need to get a tremolo, but I do not want to re-tool my guitar. I use Roalnd G-707 and I'd like to replace the original tremolo to something else. Kahler would be the best since it does not require any modification on the body. I thought about Steinberger R-Trem, but it still requires body-mod. Could someone help?


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i was just on kahlerinternational.com yesterday loking at the flatmount and it was operational.one thing though,i use both netscape and explorer and the site does not work well on netscape.for some reason it does go down time to time but i'm sure it will reappear soon.what i don't get is why you can't buy a kahler anywhere except for them.it seems to be an awesome product.i am soon to be building a neck thru v and i will be putting a flatmount on it.i only have floyd rose on all my others but i figure i can't go wrong.i saw slayer live a few months back and was impressed they could use it like they do and still stay perfectly in tune.

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You might try to find a Washburn "Wonderbar" setup. They are also flat-mount. Probably extremely difficult to find these days, but the one I had (mounted on a Strat-type body) felt pretty good.

In 1991, the big music store in Denver, on Colfax (Melody Music?) had 4 of them. They're probably still there. :-)

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