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Hi guys,

Its time for me to get some pups for the bass. I was thinking of stretching out and buying a pair of EMG-HZ pickups @ $75 each , i thought about it for a while , and im not quite prepared to spend $150 on pickups for what is only my first project guitar.

So im looking for something cheaper but still very good.

how about "Select by emg" i have a pair of select humbuckers on my 1987 hohner headless bass, and i am quite happy with them, the can give a beautiful tone especially when used with a pre-amp.

i would like the growl and punchiness of J-bass pickups, i think it would suit my new bass perfectly.

so how about these:

stewmac #1146

any other ideas?

i have tried looking for other websites that sell bass pickups , but no joy yet.



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i checked that nevada site, they dont appear to have them listed. i`ll drop them an e-mail and see if they can supply them.

yeah your right about active in a bass, cant live without it , unless your all out of 9v batteries!

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if you wanna have the pickups dropped here, ill send em over to you.... thats if you trust anyone on this board at least.... i play a hamer stellar.... with dual humbuckers... and it looks like you want single coils..... if you wanna email me.... do so... njdmole@aol.com....

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Haven't seen Mighty Mite pick ups in the UK for years... They had a good fight with DiMarzio way back when I used humbuckers. Fine pickups too.


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