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Ibanez JS1000 Body Shape?

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Guest AlexVDL

And yesss I've done it again... I have it in AutoCad .dwg format. Just tell me which format you want and hopefully I can copy it for you.

You can download the dwg file (AutoCad 14) here!

This is what it looks like, sorry for the bad jpeg quality (The actual drawing is scale 1:1 and is drawn in millimetres)




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Guest AlexVDL

Yep they are... but the S is symmetrical at the butt of the body. But as for the cutaways they are the same!

I shall draw an S too, just to compare....


EDIT: damn I have an S540FM here and I always thought it had a different shape, but is has the exact outer contour like the JS models!!! Just checked.... I plotted the JS body scale 1:1 and I laid my guitar on top.... Like a glove!


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The only difference between the body shape of the S and JS was the areofoil design when looking up the body from the end. On the S it is even from the middle out where on the JS the top of the body is thicker then slopes down to the thinner bottom where the lower horn and electronics are included.

Yeah Alex rule's on drawing :D wish I had some of that talent B)

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