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les paul jr bridge

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it does have a bridge its justa a non adjustable one. there are littleraised peices that i guesa are supposed to inotate it correctly...i had the same bridge on ym first guitar, and they arent horrible but unless space or soemthing leik that was an issue i wouldnt use one

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what bugs me about those bridges is the fact that if you changed string guages from something light to something heavy(with 4 wound strings) the guitar would not intonate at all because the compensation on that bridge is designed for 3 wound and 3 solid strings.

i`dont think i`ll ever use one, fair enough i only use 10`s(3w & 3s) but thats not the point.

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Probably not getting many answers because you just need to research, read, and most importantly, think it through.

When I was trying to decide, it ended up seeming to me like the wraparound bridge would have been a good option if the intonation were more adjustable. The Wilkinson one linked to above was almost a winner for me, but in the end it seemed more flexible for me to go with TOM and string-through. If you use the Jr-style bridge, it seems to me that you'd have to account for a lot of factors in your design.

Obviously it's a fine choice though... aren't LP Jr's good guitars? :D


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