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ok how thin can a semi hollow be with out it being ridiculously hard to build, and is pine good for semis?

Depends on your neck joint (neck through, tenon, bolt on?) as well as the necessary depth for your specific pickups. Since the main purpose of building a semi-hollow electric is to reduce weight, hollowing out a thinner body will have less of an effect. I went with the standard 1.75" thickness (1/4" cap on a 1.5" body). You probably wouldn't have any issues going with a 1.25" body and a 1/4 cap, but I don't know that I'd go much thinner than that.

Per your pine question, we just had a post about this. Can you build a guitar out of pine? Sure. Would I ever recommend it? No. There are many other woods of similar price with much better qualities. Alder and Basswood come to mind.

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