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new bubingga 1PC Body

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it is 1PC Bubinga Body..

yesterday i router.. body.. today i will end body work..

wood thick is 40mm .. T_T

i cut body jigsaw.. it is not wood.. it will stone.. ^^

when cut body.. bubingga blow a cloud of smoke.

and router depth 3mm .. step by step.. general my router depth use 5~6..

but bubingga is 3~4mm.

i want no war..

have nice weekend..

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:D Great job as always Hyunsu, is that (maple) a kids guitar or is that the pic looks different because of the angle? I can't wait for my kids to start picking up the guitar, and that is way overkill for a kid, but as always the wood that you get is beautiful. MORE PICS PLEASE...
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hi.. last pic maple top thick is 25mm & back is red cedar..

hard & soft wood combination..

copy model is not really same size.. modifyed by me..

neck time i will copy real size of guitar.. original..



check String & pickup location & Brige ?, Scale Length,

OK.. ^^


head is really comedy.. T_T

my issue is no need guitar stand.. only hangup system..

hole is too big..

i will fill with epoxy and make hole more small...

i think.. 1 perpect plan & 1 action isl good..

but it is not easy for begginer..










System is really good.. but more labor is need , need long time..

Brian's profile's comment is really good..

have nice new starting week...

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i get my maple from veneer company..

veneer company boss visit Canada 1 month.. 1 time..

he buy huge framed maple or figured maple..

veneer company allway use very good wood.. because veneer wood must be good quality..

and when slice cut wood and remain top size or body size wood..

some time wood have knot . this wood not use for veneer..

so if wood is big.. no use.. so i get big size maple.. and it cheap..

and it allway cutersawn..

if your location have veneer company.. use veneer company's wood..

it will best quality & low price..

in korea. nation area is too small .. so in my living area many veneer wood company..

small is not good but have some profit..

too easy for make internet line, area is small ^^ speed is fast

1 month Cable modem cost is 30$ ~ 40$

and speed is 300 ~ 800Kbyte/sec

sorry my gossiping..

but soft maple is too many removing.. 2PC neck is not removed.. but 1 PC neck is too many removed.. T_T

2th maple neck is 1PC maple neck.. but too many remove.. so i wait long time.. for end of remove..

if i will try 2 ~ 3 PC and hard wood laminate.. will down grade for remove..

i think.. soft maple is not bed for neck.. but use laminated and laminated hard wood.. for adjust neck dense..

i 'am allway happy for my working..

it really funny work..

enjoy making your guitar.. ^^


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