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bandsaw or scroll saw for body cutting?

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Hello, I've had a really nice 7 string neck sitting around for like 2 years now. I got a job at a hardware store and now luckily can get discounts on everything so I decided to finally build my guitar.

I was wondering what would be best for cutting out my body, a large scroll saw or a bandsaw. Also what tools do you think are a necessity to have to build a guitar. I plan on getting one of the saws above, a sander, definitely a good router, square and a good drill but what else would you guys suggest?

Also what's the best way to copy an ibanez body, I have an ibanez rg and want to copy it's body with some little changes to the upper horn. But, what would be the best way to copy it and transfer it to the wood.

Just copy it to some paper, cut it out with an exacto and lay it on the wood blank and trace around the paper cut out? That's what I'm thinking to do.

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Don't be afraid of old bargin's either, I got this old kit style band saw for $10 at a garage sale last weekend.


Yes it works just fine, has all of the necessary adjustments too including a tilt top table and an extra power outlet. I'm going to use the power outlet to power up an aquarium pump I plan on mounting on the side to help blow the sawdust away as I cut.

Works with any size blade and has a 2hp electric motor, this is from the old Heathkit days :D I do need to replace the power cord since it is a touch on the old side but other than that it works like a champ!

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Greetings Steve,

I have been building electrics and acoustics for a few years now.

I would recommend getting a band saw, at least 14” with a riser block. I have a grizzly 14” with a 4” riser. It gives me 10 ½” under the guides. This is ok for resawing but really not near big eneough. But it is a great size for rough cutting bodies and necks and other smaller work. I would also recommend getting the band saw book and learn how to properly set your saw up. A good set up makes all the difference.

Here is how I cutout my electric bodies.

I have made templates for all the parts I mark the centerline, align the template and mark the outline. I then rough cut the body on the band saw out the rough shape, leaving about 1/16” proud of the scribed line, then attach the template with double stick tape and use a router with flush cut bit to get to the final size.

I made my templates by tracing the outline of a body on paper and then transfer it to a piece of MDF.

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I love the bandsaw i use at work. Its 8 feet from top to bottom, and has a 3 foot throat. I seem to recall its 10 hp, but i might be wrong. It took six guys to move it.

It will easily bookmatch a maple top, without any signs of stress.

Unfortunatley, i wont be working their much longer... :D

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