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Asian Mahogany

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i used maranti back.. maple top & maranti..

is it really bad sound? no!.

break you mind.. cheap wood is will make bad sound..

i think lawan is better than low grade of honduras mahogany.

i think all wood have uniqe property.

all wood is not same..

lawan is too many variable wood.. light, hard,

and cheap..


it is lawan..



i select this wood.. body blank is 7$.

and i select this wood another more 20 blank..

it is winner ^^

and when i choose lawan . it really variable sound..

hard wood & soft wood & dedium wood...

i think my choice is not bed.. and i think my selection is better than hondurian mahogany..

have nice weekend..

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We have what we call Philippine Mahogany here. I'm not totally sure if it's different from Lauan, but it's a lot grainier than the Honduras variety. I saw this woodworker's website that wasn't impressed with it.

As for tone, I know someone who has a guitar made out of it and he's happy. There's also this project I'm helping a friend complete that has that kind of wood. I ought to know in a few months.

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