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Body Shapes

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Hi guys. Have you ever noticed when looking at guitars there are only a few body shapes. I have been yearning for some power to steer us to a great body shape that is both radical and pleasing. I love the strats, LP's, PRS, Tele,s, but everone just varies those patented shapes, right? Man do I need a diferent face to look at. What say you, anyone got an idea?. :D

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I checked this great book out from the library...


A coffee table book with over 300 pages of gorgeous color picks of guitars from makers you've never heard of. I need to buy this book and add it to my library.

I also checked out "Dangerous Curves: The Art of the Guitar". It was part of a museum show about guitars. It has some great guitar pics... some are artsy tease shots that only show a small part of a guitar. Not as broad and detailed as the other book, but, still worth owning.

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Well, even most of the posted pics have SOME resemblance to the more popular body styles.

pic 1 is les paul-esque

2 is a highly moded strat

4+5 are stratty

6 is an sg with a little twist

The main shape is still mostly based off the major styles.....

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The most successful guitars seem to be not too way out, pretty normal looking, with style and generally appealing to look at. No wonder the Strat and LP were so successful. Any new guitar designs, if they're also not going to be way out, are going to be subtle variations of these well known guitars. So really, most (normal, not way out) guitar shapes have been done. I don't think there's anything wrong with new guitar designers being influenced by the classics.

And I think it's worth noting that, in my opinion, that the success of the Strat and the LP and Tele was surely down to the shape of these guitars and nothing else. Obviously build quality and sound of the instrument is important, but this is assumed. So I reckon a nice new fresh guitar shape, if someone was to design and produce it, could be very successful...and the shape is what will do it.

....I look forward to making my first million....! :D

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Well. I am actually a graphic designer so I always like to see a good, unique design. But to be honest, those guitars look like they were built just NOT to look like any of those famous shapes... but still they do.

Unfortunately, if you're planning to build an "optimum" electric guitar, that will look like something between a Les Paul and a Strat. This is not only because the hegemony of those brands on the guitar market but also because of the beauty, simplicity and the efficiency of those designs.

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People who want new, crazy designes seem to consistenly forget that there are basic human ergonomic considerations to take into account.

Virtually every guitar shape needs an arc on the bottom so it can be comfortably played sitting. Sales will suffer without this. The top should also have a curve to it so that the arm can comfortably come over the top of the guitar.

That leaves the ends that can be seriously modified, and they still have to be roughly balanced in order to play comfortably. From that standpoint, I think we've explored a lot in the way of shaping.

Check this out for a snapshot of how much has been done on this little canvas:


Certainly, the guitar has been altered to an INCREDIBLE degree when compared other insturments. How often do you see a clarinet with keys shaped like crosses and inlaid with birds in flight?

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