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pickup winder


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does anyone have a set of instructions to build a pickup winder. I know about the books and the other threads already, but i was wondering if anyone had like a design for one or know one. Also any sites that teach you to make one. Plus when making one, does the bobbin catch the wire like from the spool so it doesnt over lap or do you need to make a motor sway the wire to catch the bobbin correctly

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There must be millions of ways of building a pup winder. One bit spins round and one bit counts how many times, it's prety much down to you to work out whats laying around to do it.

Jason Lollars design is good, but to be honest there are far cheaper ways and if you're scatter winding it can be simplified no end. You could even use a whisk if your feeling very inventive.

Basically you just need (for scatterwinding) something the goes round, something to hold it steady, a counter and a something to tension the wire ( a screw and washer with felt round it that you can tighted down. Oh something to hold the bobbin aswell.

Mine took about 3 hours to make (although I've still got to make the bit to hold the bobbin)

Look around the house for bits, I bet there is are loads.

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Like I've said before, it seems a big problem is buying spools of wire that will uncoil properly. I've read that these small hobbyist spools sometimes have the wire put on them in a way that the wire gets caught on itself and breaks, or there are bends in the wire, that make the wire break when tension is put on.

Don't buy the wire until later. make a winder if you want and use regular thread and see how the thing winds a pickup coil full of thread.

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