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Almost Out of Debt!....Buy My Crap!

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I am almost out of debt!!! Here's what I got, prices do not include shipping:

***I got some pictures, but they aren't the greatest. I will take better ones shortly.

****New pictures!

******The strat is the only thing left. I have a feeling the person who bought the white tele body won't be completing the deal. If anyone is interested in that, I am open to offers.

Sony DCR-DVD200 video camera sold

Vintage Style Cherry Burst Body Loaded with All Electronics sold

Fender Strat Copy (has Fender Style Headstock) $125

th_Dsc00034.jpg th_Dsc02120.jpg th_Dsc02119.jpg

Tobbaco Burst Tele Body Sold

Vintage White Tele Body sold

SG style Body sold

Misc. Guitar Parts (Pickup, bridge, tons of electronics, screws) sold

Misc. Amp Parts (cabinet, speaker, grill, blown head unit, good head unit, corners) sold

Silvertone Practice Amp sold

Brand New Guitar Neck, 25.5" Scale sold

Fender Strat Headstock Decals $8

Pictures Coming Soon

Soundblast Extigy Soundcard sold

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Hi, I saw your post and I am interested in the White Tele Body, I will give you $50.00 for it, but first I would like to know if it is an original Fender Body, Wood Type and if there are any parts that go with it, i.e.. the pick guard etc...

Your PM Box is full, so please let me know! THx


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hey moneky, a good way to send money if u dont have a credit card is by goin down to ur local post office and send a money order, much safer then losing a bunch of money in the mail and then gettin screwed over


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and whgat if the guy says he didnt get the money when he really did, not that i beleive sjaguar would do this, but it generally isnt a very secure way of sending money. (cash that is)

Send it via certified mail. That way they have to sign when they recieve the check and therefore have proof of recieving.

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I added crappy pictures.

Litchfield- PM on the way.

A list of the guitar parts is coming. I do have a Washburn humbucker.

Primal- The body is brand new, SSH, all wired and ready to go, just needs a neck. It's 25.5" scale.

deshibs- It's not a real Fender. I am not sure about the wood, I know it's not plywood.

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I'll give you 30 for the guitar neck and 40 for the neck and the bridge

I'm confused, I only have one neck. You will give me $30 for the neck, or $40 for the neck and bridge? It's a tele bridge, by the way.

Also, Harry S. Truman said the quote in your signature.

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well i was going to say, if you didnt want to sell the guitar parts individually i would just get the neck for 30, but if you didnt care then i was going to say 40 for both, since i dont want a tele bridge, how bout the neck for 30?

Also, Harry S. Truman said the quote in your signature.

thanks thats what i thought but i wasnt sure and i didnt want to make a fool out of myself by saying it was harry truman when it turned out to be bill clinton lol

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