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Some questions about Floyd Rose tremolo

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Hi all, there is another couple of stupid questions from your friend Alchool:

1) If make a recessed route for floyd rose bridge, will I need to angle the neck on a neck-through guitar? :D

And now this is the most stupid question:

2) How do I insert the studs? B)

Ok, you can stop laughing now :D

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1. Nope, you will need to have an angled headstock though.

2. Drill just a hair smaller than the diameter of the trempost anchors then press fit them in. A little force is ok, but there really should not be a need to gorilla style hammer them in :D

And no question is stupid B) thats how we learn :D

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Guest AlexVDL

I use the retainer bars on all my floyd rose guitars, with or without angled headstock. I have noticed that the curve in the toplock is too much, even with angled headstocks. If you don't use a retainer bar, the strings won't go along the curve but hang a bit over it at the side of the headstock. This way you will push the strings down when tighten the lockscrews. This causes the strings to badly detune!

My english isn't that well, so here's a pic to explain.


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