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  1. Definitely still a WIP and I don't have a real one to take measurements against so this is strictly pieced together from the installer pdf. If anyone has more info on the saddle dimensions please let me know. I don't have access to post to Uploads, otherwise I'd have posted it there. Evertune_FT6_v4.dxf
  2. You can do it in the vicinity of $1.5k. I'm just in just a little over $2000 USD in the hole with a Shapeoko XXL + accessories. CAD/CAM in Fusion360. Remote controlling it via a raspi 3+ with CNCJS, which I found much easier than LinuxCNC.
  3. I'm still hitting invalid certs on this. There's a howto on hosting the cert on the ELB since it looks like you're offloading through one - https://blog.alejandrocelaya.com/2016/08/16/setup-a-lets-encrypt-certificate-in-a-aws-elastic-load-balancer/ Also, all links point to the http page rather than being relative and allowing https to be ubiquitous when signed in through.
  4. sprack

    cnc rebuild

    Are you building a dust shroud for this or do you have good enough collection on the boot to not need it? I just got mine setup and I'm wondering if it's worth building.
  5. I noticed the cert for the site isn't valid for the domain. It's just using a wildcard from the provider. LetsEncrypt offers free certs if you want to create a valid one for the site without the normal CA cert costs.
  6. With the Fusion splines I've had the best luck using too many points initially to get the boundaries right and then subtracting and adjusting them to match the curve properly.
  7. Poked my head inside. Right you are. It is 3/4", but its MDF. Which is why it feels like a ton of bricks.
  8. I'll pop the back plate tonite and check. You're probably right. It's an old warhead cab for '87 that came with my RG100ES.
  9. It is too heavy to haul. I weighed it a couple years back at 143lb with the 4 T75's loaded. Sorry for the washout on the tape measure. Really? You sure its not the edge treatment that makes it look like its 1-1/2 all around. At 1-1/2", that 4x12 would be way too heavey to haul around to gigs.
  10. My Randall 4x12 is 1 1/2in thick. Has to be doubled 3/4ply.
  11. This being my first post to this board you can take what I say with a grain of salt. I just watched some of the Dan Erlewine videos and he mentioned using a clear epoxy over a signature. Buddy Guy if I remember correctly. If I'm wrong feel free to chastise ruthlessly.
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