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  1. Just read about the bridge plate-I hadn’t even thought of that! Just mill a curved bridge hahaha. The flat spot sounds good actually. How will the front edge of the bridge meet the curve? Maybe a heftier bridge plate would allow it to be a simple drop-in thing?
  2. Whew 35 steps but they are all worth it!! That curve looks absolutely awesome. What a great way to make a tele comfy and modern without the sort of afterthought look a forearm contour can bring.
  3. Another vote for the sunburst! This is looking so cool. Love seeing the process of making the top and back
  4. Oh and I decided on knobs- michael from armadillo said he’d do these guys in stainless steel:
  5. Hm I am running into some CNC problems-and maybe some of you good people here could help. I’m using an x-carve, with a Dremel router set to medium speed, .035” passes at 75”/min Im cutting different parts on different days and getting different dimensions.. what’s that about? I think I ruined my body blank today but I may try to work with it. Neck pocket and bridge pocket are too small (even with a .01 offset) and the overall shape is about 1/4” narrower and 1/8” shorter than it should be. And halfway through the cut the x axis band snapped. It must have been at the end of its service
  6. Yup-all too familiar with too much squeeze out, hah. I think the open grained wood is what threw me for a loop here. I'm much more used to gluing up closed grain stuff, so this ash seemed to suck up a lot of glue in comparison. There was maybe a 1/32" bead.. and on the back side some spots with no bead at all. but-the thing is solid! Not worried as both sides were flat, true, and had a full layer of glue before joining. minor minor minor upate-haven't had much time and I am waffling between some design options-probably as a means of procrastination. Perfectionism always keeps me in the d
  7. It seems like a pickguard would influence tone, in terms of reflecting xyz frequencies back at the strings, but I’m not going to get caught up in that-the main thing that needs to improve to influence how I sound..is me! my friend said this about ceramic pg: It seems like more trouble than it’s worth to do ceramic. Probably years of experimenting. And I don’t have access to any ceramic equipment lmao but I think I figured out that I really need to experiment with torch firing enamel on copper. Pretty simple process, and I could make any shape I need quite easily. The enamel is bas
  8. Cow horn-I like that idea! I’ll see what I can drum up. I’ll also call up a few friends who do pottery and see what they think. I’ll report back. I’m not trying to be the plastic police here. It’s not an environmentally friendly material, but if that was my main concern I would find some plastic sheet to repurpose and save from a landfill. And I probably wouldn’t be building a guitar in the first place either. I just don’t like the way plastic feels, and I do love the feeling of good pottery. So maybe there’s a trail to follow there.
  9. Sure-I’m familiar with the process, just wondering about the viability of ceramic. It could be a different method as well-to shape before firing or make a flat sheet stock, how thin can it get, etc.
  10. Ok ok more pointless musings.. just thinking that the pickguard is one of few electric guitar parts that is, by general definition, plastic. And I think we can do better! Leather is cool but very country, (nothing wrong with country!) and recycled materials and Masonite work great for some instruments, but not all. I tried making one from shellac but it was a failure. is there more out there? Anybody ever seen a ceramic pickguard? I know there’s a chance of chipping, etc, but if it is well supported on the wood, could it work?
  11. I think I like the squirrel better than the YT video-wonder if it has gone to production or if it’s just a proof of concept.
  12. Hah! Maybe you should try guitar hero! I’m the same way though. Do they make player guitars like player pianos? It could make me sound a lot better
  13. Thanks to both of you! I’m happy with the glue joint and the way the grain lines up. Maybe I’ll make the finish more transparent than I had originally planned-but that’s way down the line. I thought I put on too little glue at first as there wasn’t much squeeze out but it turned out fine. I cut a practice guitar out of plywood on the CNC yesterday, and although there are a few spots that need to be tweaked, I like it. Going to beef up the headstock just a little and adjust the cavities so the neck and bridge fit better. They are too tight right now. I tried to cut the body today but the
  14. I was thinking of something more like depressions than bumps so it wouldn’t cause any discomfort. I do use my thumb on the low e relatively often. But I realized that the main function of side dots, at least for me, is to tell me where I am going, not where I am. If I can’t tell where I am by the sound I’m hearing-I don’t think a little bump will help me out!
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