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  1. Whoa these knobs and that bobbin cover are awesome! Still loving all these details you bring to the build. So worth it. I'd try CA glue first- It won't be obvious if it doesn't go quite as planned and you need to try something else. Maybe score the surface of the bobbin first with an xacto? Gorilla glue I'd have to think there is no coming back from with all the foaming. High temp hot glue could also be good, and removable should the owner ever want to swap pickups.
  2. Wow that looks great! I never should have doubted..
  3. Cool, that’s a good point. I looks forward to seeing how they come together with some finish
  4. Love it so far. This has been exciting to follow. I find that the mahogany neck doesn’t sit well with the light colors in the ebony - any plans for stain on either part?
  5. I’m with biz on this one. Love the subtle veneer. I think maple would have outshone the subtle grain of the rosette. This thread is inspiring as I am in the market for a new acoustic……… dangerous! Probably would go with a kit for the first time around. And definitely have to finish the current build before I take on anything else
  6. welcome- The slow way is the fast way-try sanding! Best if you have an orbital or something like that to help move things along though.
  7. Late to the party here-but that 4+2 layout is off the walls, I really like it. These are coming along nicely. That tall binding really means business
  8. Yes it’s resin. That’s a good idea with the hair dryer. I had also considered putting it on low in the oven for a few as well, but I don’t want it to shrink much. The neck pocket could stand to be a little tighter though I had read the same thing about knot preventing primers like kilz being shellac based - a classic case of “new and improved” being the same old stuff that has always worked!
  9. Also-if you haven’t been following along in the design bar-I am trying to forgo the truss rod on this build. We’ll see how it goes! Worst case-I just make a new neck
  10. Alright got the neck cut! It’s not perfect… but I think it will do. If not-good practice. And it’s nice to have a “guitar-shaped object” I cnc’d it-but it was challenging to get all of the cuts with different size bits to line up well. I didn’t realize that I would have to move the cutter to change the bit so there was not a consistent “home.” This caused the nut slot to be off center (tried to cut it “blind”) It’s still blind but I only have ~1/32” of wood on one side. I am just going to work with it, though - the fret spacing all checks out, and if I blow through on one side while carving I’ll just open the whole slot up. Also the fret dots cut out of round for some reason. they are small (1/8”) so I am just going to go to 3/16 and drill them. My Doug fir is sweating-is this a problem? Or something a coat of shellac will take care of? it’s at this stage of every build I start thinking I should just keep it natural.. but I will keep moving on ahead planning for white blonde paint
  11. Just catching up here-Those new pics looks great!! And it sounds awesome And-Its a perfect complement to Danae thanks for sharing it has been a great ride
  12. Whoa, an aluminum fretboard! I say leave it, I bet when you start playing it, it will scratch to a semi-uniform sort of distressed finish. Maybe like a metallic dirty maple fingerboard?
  13. Oh that neck-- heck yeah. My favorite part so far. The little bit of red makes it. The subtle fades on the green are great too. And your tape lines are getting cleaner every time. I imagine such high contrast is not forgiving!
  14. Yeah that headstock binding is classy. Love it. And very clean too.
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