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  1. Good looks! I like how the truss rod cover works together with the hole in the top of the headstock to give an impression of a ribbon shape, depending on the background. A nice finishing touch to a clever design. Why the same pickups on both? Do you notice any difference in sound between the two? Would be an interesting study, considering that there are so many common variables between the two, to see how/how much neck wood selection effects tone.
  2. I'm sure its sad to see it go! Its a beautiful instrument, I'd love to pick it up & play it. The simplicity is key, and I love the little touch of 3 dots on the guitar and 3 on the truss rod cover.
  3. Thanks everybody! @JayT-well, 15 days with a premade + fretted neck, preslotted nut, and nothing else to do! It could still use some setup to get it to optimal play, but I am happy with it as-is for now. Cooking wasn't too bad -just had to take it slow. Thanks @ScottR-and you're exactly right. Honored to know you remember the last one! I think the notebook-doodles would give #1 away even if you didnt... @Bizman62-The pickguard color is a lucky match! Though the transparency helped it along too, I think.
  4. This looks awesome. Love the figure on the oak and all the golden woody tones. Esp love the custom wood hardware! The screws on the tailpiece are sticking out to me-maybe they need to be covered? or doweled? or black/brass?
  5. Hey everybody, So I finished this thing up..mostly. All for a total cost of $65, including the strings! I bought a top loading bridge and pickguard material from stewmac, and other than that it was just parts I had around. I ended up taking that upper side in as @Bizman62 suggested, and offset the bottom just a hair for a little bit of off-kilter ease. I'm thinking of etching the surface of the bridge and the knob-they are a little too shiny! Let me know if you have had any success with this or if I should just wait 10 years or so...
  6. Thanks for the replies Komodo and SR! I'm pretty set on these proportions. I like a slightly off kilter look, and for what its worth, the design is based on the last guitar I made, which has suited me quite well. Wish I had insulation foam around for a test though, that's a good strategy. Kinda going fast n loose here anyway-no templates no problem! I decided to keep it to being a partscaster for now and maybe plan to replace the pickups when (IF) I get my job back lol. Soon~hopefully. Maybe even jazzmaster pickups. Love that sound. Jazz neck tele bridge?? I got the body blank glue
  7. Hey all - so it has been 8(?!) years since I was last on this forum (as a high school student) and this time around I am back at my family home, furloughed, waiting for this corona thing to pass, and I have gotten way back into guitar after about 5 years of not playing at all. Its rewarding to see how the old skills start to come back, and rewarding to see this community still going strong!! I have also noticed that there are a lot of guitar parts around this house that could be put to work, most notably an old friend's abandoned warmoth wenge tele neck with an ebony fretboard, as well as
  8. looks like a nice job! did you make the neck or buy it? next time you cut a body, you should try to make a template to follow with a router first. That way you can get the perfect shape without any guesswork.
  9. Incredible! Thanks so much for posting all of the descriptions of what/how you are going about building it as well. It is really helpful, as i am considering an acoustic build sometime in the future.
  10. okay, I finished this a day too late for November's GOTM, so here is Lagarto 2.Tough pool this month, but It's worth a shot, right? Jacaranda/maple laminate top Mahogany back Maple neck Ebony fretboard (12" radius, 24 frets) Wilkinson open back tuners Jason Lollar imperial bridge pickup 1 volume, 500k
  11. Cool! Did you just use a regular drill press for the ferrules?
  12. Whew. You just keep me coming back man. Beautiful job on the neck. What did you use for around the heel and volute? those are areas i have some trouble with.
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