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  1. Love it. This is gonna be crazy. And that piece of ebony is perfect for the mull-lam look.
  2. Yooooo that’s awesome!!! love it! You owe it to yourself to get better pics-outside on a cloudy day with a plain background or have a friend who’s good with a camera come snap a few. Anyway-that aside, congrats, this has been really fun to follow, and most importantly, I’m sure it’s fun to play! Enjoy!
  3. Hey all, I am interested in a one piece neck on my current build. Like, really one piece. Weird, I know. I have seen some builders that drill for their truss rods. Most notably weir guitars: https://www.weirguitars.com In their about section they say that they do it with a drill and a lathe?? Maybe they would respond well to an email-but otherwise, has anybody else done something similar? How did it go? thanks!
  4. I should have gone back & looked-it’s cool to see it start to finish. Makes me want to make one myself. Next build, maybe
  5. Yup, clumsy tele is the idea! I like weird, ugly, ungainly shapes. I think those two options are my favorites as well. Or the second left-it’s so matter-of-fact. I may need to print them out full size, or even cut some necks out of pine to test.
  6. Oops my art-speak is showing! But, of all the art-speak out there, sculptural is a pretty good word
  7. Good call Biz. I think I will do something between a bevel and a radius. Real soft edges to the carve so its not creating more contours on the guitar. Any thoughts about headstock design? Here are a few quick mockups. I think its harder to do a good headstock than a good body... So much function in such a small space. kinda leaning towards a real simple 3x3 slab like a Gibson melody maker, etc. Click the pdf for higher res. headstockoptions.pdf just realized I rotated on oof the necks by accident-oops. You get the picture though
  8. I really like how you handled the carve around the hole in the headstock-and the way you are carrying that shape thru the project. I have heard good things about tung and tru oil for maple necks but have not tried them myself. I am hoping to try on my current build-but thats a ways off. Some form of hard finish is the typical way to go.
  9. Whoa, awesome bridge! I would love to hear more about how you made that. I’m really looking forward to seeing the glamor shots of this thing-It’s so close!
  10. looks great! I like the way that you modified that drill bit too-Something I may steal one day. Also love the one-piece top. Don't see enough of them.
  11. here are a few quick screenshots from rhino - exploring some contours. Might stick with slab too, Thoughts?
  12. It’s been a busy summer and I have been playing a lot of music! Finally getting to use these things I build.. fun! The charred tele is developing quite the patina-I’m into it! CNC issues plus packed schedule have combined to keep me away from this build, but I took another stab at it today and it’s on its way again. this time using a beautiful lightweight piece of Doug fir for the body. It’s splintery though! Will have to be careful not to chip it a few minor design tweaks-I narrowed the body. It’s about the size of a mustang now. And I widened the string spacing-played a guitar with a wide nut and saw the light. Going 1-9/16 string spacing and 1-13/16 nut, with 2-1/4” at the bridge. I have been lurking—you are all up to some really good stuff!! Nice to see the forum buzzing.
  13. Drak this looks absolutely awesome. What a unique finish. Green is my favorite color, especially so dark green its almost black. Try some black hardware on it!
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