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  1. Thanks Komodo. I just ordered a bunch of nickel hardware from allparts. And a GFS bridge pup. I’m looking forward to this. I drilled out the inlays yesterday and replaced with wood filler. The inlays were actually shell which caused some difficulty in removing, mainly with the bit wandering and nicking the fretboard in a couple places but I got em out with no major issues. Just drill a small hole, heat the dot with a soldering iron for 30 sec, then use a screw to pull out. I think the wood filler suits the guitar much better than the shell that was in there, but I unknowingly got putt
  2. Wrapping the guitar with tweed seems like a make or break kind of thing depending on how it’s all detailed, and this is really coming together. The joint between top and middle with the tweed tucked in makes it all work!
  3. Thanks @komodo that’s a gorgeous build! Love the shape, love the simplicity, and the relic looks great. That’s about what I’m going for-seems like most people do either light relic to match a vintage instrument or they totally trash the hardware. I like your approach. I will get some nickel hardware and give it a go.
  4. Tried some gas stove heat treating-and it went terribly! I had fun though. Seems like there must have been some pretty soft metal in there-if not lead, zinc? Anyway looks like I’m on the hook for a new bridge-or at least some new saddles but I might as well get the whole bridge while I’m at it.
  5. That’s a good call! I hadn’t thought of that-I will give them a ring before I do anything
  6. (Here’s a quick shot of the knob-you can see on the top where the patina has worn off)
  7. Thanks for the reply drak-I’m not super into black hardware, but maybe I should give it a go. I’ll see if I can find a couple inexpensive parts to try. And that’s a no from me on the stickers-I’m a pretentious one and I want “real” materials-I know I know.. (Just don’t ask me if I’m replacing the plastic pickguard for real tortoise shell!) the stickers do look great on battens guitar but it’s not what I’m going for. Hi biz-I’ve been wondering about heat treating. I did a knob over my gas stove a while back and it turned out great but the patina wore off the dome quite quickly, however t
  8. Ok everyone I am bringing this one back for a little design chat-the shiny hardware keeps throwing me off! As do the shiny fretboard dots. And I think I want a little more darkness and a little more “tele” out of this thing. So I was considering an aged nickel bridge and knob from Q parts, a lollar ‘52 tele pickup set, (or tele bridge jazz master neck?) a new pick guard to fit, and possibly aged nickel tuners from QParts as well. anybody have experience with them? It’s not like the relic look is what I’m going for-it’s more like I want to bring the luster of the whole thing down to a
  9. Whaaat this is sweet. The tweed brings it all together!
  10. Of course! Glad you found the right bit of hardware. It seems like nothing is going to be standard on this build, so now you’re in the realm of nuts, washers, screws, and all of those little details looking for special attention-I am sure it will be a beautiful and unique instrument!
  11. Oh of course! somehow I forgot about those. Looking forward to seeing it all come together
  12. Sounds good! Glad you are following the inlaid ring with a custom switch tip. I wonder if you could find a smaller nut & washer to give the ring some more breathing room.
  13. Sweet pickup selector! That’s above and beyond. What’s it inlaid into? Are you using that switch/nut/washer with it?
  14. I did a quick charred guitar during quarantine this spring-nothing special as a build but I do like the finish. it was very easy and it has already started to wear in a way I like. Not sure if you are planning to put resin over it or anything but I like the “living finish” of just charred wood and some wax/oil.
  15. Roger that-laser cutters can be so picky. Looking forward to seeing this take shape!
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