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  1. Oh that shop looks incredible! It is the dream of every luthier....big space....big machines......yeah!
  2. Sorry that I forgot to take pics of routing the pickup spaces, I was too much in a hurry, but you get the idea. Here are the finished pics, took them this morning and handed in the guitar at the afternoon, sheesh i'd never made one so fast! I know some of you guys could've done it in half the time, but it was difficult for me. Specs: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop buckers Bigsby B50 tailpeice. Poly finish, transparent top & Blue back. Thancks for watching!
  3. made holes for the tuners glued the neck drilled n installed side dots routed space for the jack finish; transparent poly for the top
  4. Sorry for not posting every step in time, I was just to much in a rush! I finished the guitar and handed her in to my buddy, here are some pics: Used a Dragon file to shape 19mm at the first fret and 20mm at the heel Then filed a straight line between the two Rounded the neck to a C shape (more like a D) Made a mock-up
  5. hehe, yeah glue can be messy! How are you going to use acetone?
  6. My buddy told me he now has a plane ticket (to Uruguay) for August the 31st, so that cuts down my time limit. I have to finish by the 20th (which means in 10 days) in order to have enough time for the finish. But still I decided to instal some binding. No pic of cutting the chanel, but this is what was used So here just pre-bending the binding.... My assistant said "BLUE BINDING??!! ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?" Yup, blue. Allready glued in. I use CA glue, what do you guys use?
  7. Sorry I hadn't posted! Some work on the neck…… Glued in the ears Used a jig saw to start cutting out the headstock Finished it off with a Dragon file Routed the body for the neck Went for a 2.8 degree angle, I should make myself a Myka jig! The fit is tight enough to hold the body's weight I didn't take pics of installing the frets, but here is what I used to hammer em in, file off the edges and level 'em
  8. This thread is about the finish, but damn I like that guitar! I hope that after some polish (and clear coats?) she looks awsome.
  9. Glued the neck scarf joint Logo on 12th fret Routed the neck for the T-Rod Glued the fretboard
  10. Planned the wood for the top Rough cut it Glued it on the body and used the body as a template to rout the top
  11. Both Curtisa, both. The problem is in the public who for hand labor they want to pay sh#t and they get what they paid for. Just got back my two Rosewood Fretboards which had been sent to be lazer cut. Put some glow-in-the-dark powder in Looks like elegal powder from Colombia haha Used CA glue as shown by Chris Verhoven somewhere in this forum
  12. On this one I'm working before breakfast. In Benedettos book on making an Archtop he mentions that he wakes up every day at 5 AM, goes down to his basement and works untill 9AM when his wife calls him for breakfast. I wanted to do that but I'm not getting up untill 7 AM, jeje so that's just two hours, more or less, per day. And my wife dont make no breakfast.
  13. I've seen your work and in my book youre not only a luthier, but a damn good one! I agree; copies should only be done ONLY for an educational experience. Here in Mexico people want me to make a copy in hopes of getting it cheaper, which sucks, and there are luthiers who go ahead and do it. They make a Strat for half the price and it just bugs me, they not only devaluate their own work, they also devaluate everybody elses work. I did plenty of routing today, got two body's done, one is from the woods pictured above and the other from a single slab of Korina.
  14. Yeah, rushing it is never a good idea......but he's my buddy. Anyhow, today I routed out the body
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