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  1. I’ve spent a lot of time on that site! The pickups I’m making for my build are going to be super low wind and probably a preamp. I’m just doing a slanted mini hum bucket though, nothing crazy like what your doing! these are the preamps I’ve loomed at... https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/bartolini-brmagdb-918-2-adjustable-gain-dual-buffer-preamp
  2. V-shaped pickup? Are you going to have 2 coils that cover 3 strings each?
  3. Got the center laminated sanded flat and glued together. The pieces warped a little when the were initially cut so I allowed them to de-stress and settle down before glueing.
  4. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say go with the gold pick guard. I think if you did all gold hardware and gold pickup covers it would look pretty slick.
  5. haha, I have a print out of my frets glued to a piece of MDF unfortunately. I can use Fret2Find to print out another fret layout, the big loss was the bridge drawing and the pickup drawing. Hopefully I printed out some of those.
  6. Make sure and back up your computers! I just lost all of my design work for this guitar when my hard drive went down.
  7. Just throwing this out there... I freaking love that satin finish! If I ever do a ziricote top that’s probably what I will shoot for.
  8. What ADFinlayson said. This picture is from before the magnets were installed. I carved that on with a dremel.
  9. Send me a bunch of fancy figured wood and I’ll get right on that! Make sure the pieces are big enough to make a guitar out of.
  10. No work on my actual guitar but I did try out some Odies Oil and my electronics cavity cover concept on my wife’s birthday present. The top is held on with magnets and you push on the corner to pop it off.
  11. That could work! going off of that concept it would be a bit easier from a manufacturing standpoint to have a screw threading into a wedge that lifted the saddle. The biggest problem with these kind of mechanisms is that they tend to rattle. The only way to get them quiet is to manufacture them to very tight tolerances. My bridge is going to have a saddle similar to this one by Mera with the adjustment screw in the middle.
  12. Congrats on the GOTM!!! It was a hard month to vote with both guitars being so awesome!
  13. The base plate will have a keyway that goes in the slot and a sliding nut under the base plate to tighten the saddle down. There will be an intonation adjustment screw on the front of the saddle. This thing will be a pain to install and adjust! The idea behind the design is to have a bridge that is extremely smooth and comfortable and also looks good. I had to cut corners on ease of adjustment and manufacturability to meet my cosmetic and comfort goals.
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