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  1. I'm interested in the 2 mahogany necks. Sending PM.
  2. Using Perry's diagram for the neck angle, trigonometry can be used to calculate it. When dealing with a right triangle, the tangent of an angle is equal to the length of the opposite side divided by the length of the adjacent side. In this case, the right triangle is formed from the bridge, the bottom of the fretboard where the body joins, and the guitar top under the bridge. The right angle is at the bridge, and the angle you want to find is at the fretboard. The legs of the triangle are the bridge height and the length from bridge to FB, and the hypotenuse is the length from the FB to the top of the body under the bridge. Tangent = Opposite divided by Adjacent. Therefore... Tangent of the angle = bridge height divided by length from bridge to fretboard. Let's say your bridge is .5 inches high, and the distance from your FB to your bridge is 6 inches. Tan (x) = .5 / 6 Tan (x) = .0833 x = arcTan .0833 x = 4.762 The angle in this example is 4.762 degrees. Pick whichever method works best for you. Both work fine.
  3. LMI carries ziricote fretboards, that's where I usually get mine. http://www.lmii.com/CartTwo/thirdproducts....ote+Fingerboard
  4. Ziricote is a really great fretboard match for limba...
  5. Thanks for posting that top bend. I've read about the process, but as the saying goes, pics are worth a thousand words. Great stuff there. I might get the courage to try it now. Thanks!
  6. http://www.taunton.com/finewoodworking/Ski...e.aspx?id=30182
  7. I don't know much about pore filling, as I have limited experience with it. But to me shellac seems kind of thin for that. Epoxy maybe? Alot of others here know more about pore filling so I'll let someone else speak up on that. On naturally oily woods like cocobolo, the Tru-oil won't dry properly. It just gets all sticky and gummy. But if you apply a coat of shellac first, the Tru-oil dries just fine. Here's a link with alot of info about shellac and oil that I found helpful: http://www.woodworkstuff.net/KfinRude.html And another with a process that sounds similar to Quarter's: http://home.insightbb.com/~jpaquay/oil_fin.txt
  8. Tru-oil fan here, too. Great stuff. Erik that looks awesome! One trick I found with oily woods that normally don't do well with Tru-oil, (cocobolo as an example), try sealing with shellac first. Then go with the Tru-oil. No drying problems, and excellent results. But with walnut, the Tru-oil will look great all by itself.
  9. Thirstygums all the way for me, until I saw Rashin's one piece. A+ for originality. All great entries this time!
  10. Looks great, and sorta familiar! Rich's limba/zircote combo is incredible, isn't it? Ok, just to be different, I won't do a tele with mine. Only problem I see, is that the back view mysteriously looks like the front view! Oh, ok now it's fixed! Great work! I'm anxious to see how this one goes.
  11. Wow, tough choice. Can I vote for all of them?!!? The Leviation needs to be on a guitar rack in my room. Very professional. Godin's guitar has such amazing wood and finish. Beeautiful!! I voted for this one last month. Setch's LP is just plain incredible. Senitmental value there, as it reminds me of a guitar I used to have. LP's are very near and dear to my heart, and this one looks as good or better than a Gibson. The blue tele is so hot! The color, the finish, the top wood, the back wood. Wow! I love headless, fretless, and spalted maple. The bass has it all. Matt's blue is just so good. I like the body style, too. This one is so tough! But in the end it was down to the bass or the blue tele for me, and I went with the blue tele. Every guitar here is a winner, and it's a beyotch that we can only choose one.
  12. Here's a couple more shop tours: These guys are in my hometown of Houston. I need do take this tour... [url="http://www.robinguitars.com/factory.html"]http://www.robinguitars.com/factory.html[/url] Here's a fun website to explore, and a really good tour. Click on the shop tour link towards the bottom left of the page. Check out the jig for rounding the neck... [url="http://www.jetguitars.com/"]http://www.jetguitars.com/[/url]
  13. This is a good post, hadn't run into this one yet until now... I'm Lance, age 41, from Houston, TX. I have a degree in electronics engineering technology, and I do computer control system engineering work for chemical plants to pay my bills. I've been playing guitar since I was 10 or 11. In order to be happy, I have to be creating something. Whether it's writing music, building furniture, building guitars, designing control system graphics, etc. It doesn't matter as long as I'm creating something. I'm told that I'm a decent player, but it's all relative. I did finish in the top 10 in a guitar contest back in '89, but got beat by a dude with a purple mohawk and polka-dot skin-tight pants. You just gotta love the 80's!! lol I was lucky enough to take 4 years of woodworking classes in high school, and that's probably what sparked my interest in building guitars. Over the years, I've spent most of my time playing guitars, and goofing off with building whenever the urge hit me. I've re-wired countless guitars, replacing pickups, switches, etc. I've done 4 or 5 refinishing jobs, assembled various parts into several Frankenstein guitars, and built 3 bodies for pre-built bolt-on necks. All of this work was done for myself, never for a customer. I've never built a neck from scratch as I'm intimidated by the fretwork! I am by no means an expert on guitar building, most of what I know was learned through trial and error, and my knowledge has increased exponentially since joining this forum. I believe in creativity, and I love new designs. My next project(s) will be neck-thru's, my first attempt at these. I recently put a Carvin fender-replacement neck on a tele body, and it absolutely brought that guitar to life, so I'll probably try Carvin's neck thru. Progress has been slow lately, as my wife and I have a 10-month old son, and I'm usually up to my elbows in diapers and bottles. Plus, babies don't nap well with power saws, sanders, and routers screaming in the garage! But I do have a couple of BM sets of camphor burl, a BM set of spalted maple, and a body blank of mahogany in my garage, and some limba and walnut coming in the mail. For now, I'm sponging up all the info I can, and developing plans accordingly. Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge! Tons of good stuff here... Lance
  14. I liked it so much, I donated more than $10... I wasn't aware that if you donate, you get access to the download section, until I read this post. I had to do a little research to figure out how to donate. This should be made more easily available to everyone. Might get more donations that way. If a link to donate were on every page or something... Thanks for letting me know about this. In the short time I've been a member, I've got a ton of info. I can't wait to see what's in the download section. Any info on how to access the download section? Is there a waiting period after a donation is made?
  15. I printed them from paint. Worked perfect. Thank you SO MUCH!! Have I mentioned how much I like this forum??!??
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