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how cheap can i make a body for?

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if you want to make a practice, you can prqactice on some thick plywood to be had at home depot, if you want to make a full size mockup then you can get poplar at homedepot for very cheap, though you would have to glue them together to get the correct thickness, but enough wood for the guitar can be had for about $4-5 there.

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What about like some pine? And I dont think you can realy shape playwood can you?

i was also thinking of getting some pine to practice makeing a neck . I would nt be useing the neck just want to go thru the motions to give me a some practice with tools i have nt used before ( spokeshave etc )

As the body / neck would nt be used i cant see anything wrong with useing pine , but im very new to building .

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if you just need wood to practice on, try going to house building sites. there are always lumber and plywood scraps big enough (with some laminating) for guitar bodies and necks. most carpenters would probably be happy to let you pick through their trash.

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