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How many??

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Currently I've got....

1 electric, an electro acoustic and a classical all complete and working. I'm refinishing a Jackson Rhoads, building a RG style body and a superstrat body and I'm also building a P-bass copy from parts.

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im converting a bass into a guitar

So ... how is that working?!?


its goin good so far, tommorrow im rerouting the pickup cavities, and fill the other ones too, then sometime next week im gonna reshape the neck pocket.

edit: oops too many clicks.

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okay.... for me :

3 acoustic ... all playable (1 is a 12 string)

2 electric that are fully playable

3 electric .. that need a little TLC to be good

1 electric that is getting the full make over

and one will arrive tomorrow... so I couldn't tell ya the condition yet....

so a grand total of 10 ..... and one pissed off wife !!!!!!

But if she can have her shoe collection.... then I can have my axe collection.... :D

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5 electrics (Ibanez RG and Tele are playable)

-BC Rich Bich (waiting for ~8/16 coats of laquer)

-Session Strat copy waiting final sealer coat (its really windy outside today)

-Fender Strat, "propping up my desk"

-Ibanez RG (dunno the model)

-The Telecaster from Hell...won't stay in tune B)

1 Acoustic

-Cheap Phoenix guitar (bought it cos I needed an acoustic for camping)

All this, and I don't even have a job...just shows what a poor student can do instead of going broke, getting plastered on a friday night.


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well I have 4 playable guitars and 4 in stages of building


jackson dk10d (thanks again to bluesprescence!!)

bc rich warlock (modded to hell and back!)

samick explorer (on commision at music shop)

1940 kay nylon string(made in usa)

in progress

anihilator(just waiting on the neck and wiring her up)

2 randy rhoads V's (both based off alexi laihos V-necks blanks done)

Jem-copy(carved quilt top neck thru neck lamination done)

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I have two electrics guitars completely playable.

One electric which can be played, but with some difficulty due to the high action.

One electric in pieces.

One electric which is going to be firewood this winter.

One classical/flamenco guitar really playable.

And a spare fingerboard which is also playable if you have a good imagination.

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I've got;

Playable - 12 string acoustic, Gibson LP Jnr, Gordon Smith GS1, Aria Pro II bass, Ovation acoustic

Kinda playable - New 02 guitar (in the tweaking stages to get the action down - see other thread :D )

In bits - 01 guitar, just waiting for my tuning machines to turn up, finish wiring the Motherbucker and it's good to go!

I'm selling one of my guitars to try and pay for my new guitar building habit!

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