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Brokedown bought the binding bit set


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I now have...

14' band saw

15' planer

Shopsmith machine - drill press, router, lathe, disc sander

6' joiner

all the hand tools you could need.

router bit setup

fret slotting blade

Strat templates

tele templates

LP template

PRS template

Neck templates

Jig saw

tons and tons of clamps

The only thing that I am missing is drum sander....

Does this mean I will be able to build a better guitar? probably not, but you guys will like the next one that comes out. The only problem I have is getting the drill press to drill the holes in the right spot...

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Wow, those are some huge tools B) (sarcasm, the symbol for Inch is ", feet is ', I've never seen a 14 foot bandsaw before LOL!!)

That's cool man, my shop is getting to damn full now too :D

14" bandsaw

99" edge sander

Oscillating spindle sander with tilt table

Floor drill press

Table saw (with fret slotting blade, dedicated to that one task)

numerous routers

router table

vac system

Enough clamps to make an S&M freak jealous

hand tools to no end

8 dremels (I love these things!)


etc etc etc

Then there is the paint shop, I love my paint shop LOL!!!

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if I had a 14 foot band saw i could millout houses LOL ha ha, sorry bout that.

You are just the name to reply.

Would you recomend a HVLP system, or an airbrush gun and a good compressor? I know a turbine system is expensive but what is your take?

you run compressed right?

These are the last two things I need drum sander, and sprayer...

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wow,My little shop is just starting

old DW Radial arm saw(love it but i read some scary story with those so very slow learning ,taking my time so i don't loose something)


hand tools, lots of hand tools

router ,table

small drill press

hand tool,again.

small compressor,paint gun,the same as benedetto.

more hand tool,love those

I need a dust control system, but here winter will be coming soon so,since i have no heating i move my hand tools inside and use a local woodworking club for power tool,painting and more and just wait for spring 2005,,,,, in MAY for us here up north.

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My tool collection is growing slowly :D at the moment I've got....

Bosch 1/4" Router

Rexon 4" Belt/Disc Sander

Ferm 1/3 Sheet Sander

Ferm Detail Sander

Ferm Power Planer

Ferm Pillar Drill

2 Carrol Drum Sanders

Small Drum Sander Kit

Dewalt Brad Point Drill Bits

Ryobi 750w Drill

Wolfcraft Portable Drill Stand

Kinzo 800w Jigsaw with laser guide

Set of no-name long drill bits

Set of 5 Forstner Bits

Record Dust Extractor

I think that's about it, a bandsaw and a 1/2 router is the next thing on the shopping list B)

Edited by Simo
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The only thing that I am missing is drum sander....

and a couple years of experience like the rest of us :D

The only problem I have is getting the drill press to drill the holes in the right spot...

Brad bits tends to do a bit less walking with the pointed tip and all.... or if you can't spring for a new set of drill bits, drill a hole in a peice of scrap plywood or plexiglass, then double tape that peice where you want the hole, if you tape the hole "template" in the right place then the whole will be dead on every time, the drill bit has no where to go but straight down..

Edited by krazyderek
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Since we're all showing off...

6"x99" edgesander

14" bandsaw

Dust collector

13" floor drillpress

6" jointer

LARGE router table with 3 1/2HP router

2 1/4HP combo base router

Oscilating spindle sander

4"x36"belt/disc sander

Two shop-vacs

Air filter/cleaner

Two cordless drills

Electric drill

Two spray guns


8 F-clamps

18 C-clamps

LOADS of jigs

LOADS of templates

LOADS of handtools

Lots of forstner, twist, bradpoint, spade bits

LOOOOOAAAAAADS of scrap wood

The only thing I'm missing is a THICKNESS SANDER! :D

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Even though you edited your post Drak...

I'm proud of my 'stuff'. I earned it with a well paying job I had back in the winter/fall. I like tools/machinery, and I like to show mine off. I think I've got a pretty good shop for a 20yo(and it's all mine, none of it is my father's).

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My dad and I share a shop, so whenever we need a new tool we each pay half. Pritty nice system I think.

9" bandsaw (got a 14" im trying to fix up, but its missing a few parts)

3 routers (porter cable, craftsman, craftsman) and a table for it, and about 15 different bits.

10" table saw

floor drill press

about 6 drill bit assortments

chop saw

tons of hand saws

2 different belt sanders, and 4 stationary tabletop sanders

professional chissle, and file sets.

spokeshaft, bench plane, ect..

jig saw

glueing station, lots of clamps and vices.

as I said, my dad has paid for most of these, but I payed half of the router, bandsaw, and drill press and a few other things

and yes krazy derek, the next thing on my list is a few years of experience, after that, a spray booth and a thickness planer. :D

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Yes you do, and you should be right proud of it, granted.

I just get tired of the I Me Mine syndrome you seem to be stuck in, but I step back,  remember your age, and I check myself. This is not a perfect world.

Probably normal for a 20 year old, you go right ahead. :D

Try to include -other people- in your posts occasionally tho, OK? B)


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Hey Simo, you must be in Europe to have tools made by Ferm. AFAIK, they are really cheap price-wise, but I wonder about the quality. How have Ferm tools been holding up for you ?

They are the company that distributes the " King Craft" dremel copy I just bought.

I'm not going to bother making a list, but it makes me think of all the stuff I should have, but don't.

My mom had all her grandfather's tools in a workshop in our basement. My dad used them and I used to walk in there in awe, looking forward to being able to use all of it, one day. When my parents divorced, my dad did not take any of my mom's grandfather's tools. When I was 10, she married this low-life scum. They were only married a year. He made it so our gas got shut off for the winter, my mom got bronchitis so bad, she had to go in the hospital for a couple of weeks. I stayed at my grandmother's. During that time, her husband stole everything in the workshop, and we never got it back.

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