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Sneak Preview

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Oh common I thought this board was for learning and education. Now we have secrets here. What is that?!?! I just joined this board and I am disappointed that such a thing would be said when we are all seeking information. What is the point of this board then?

No secrets, it's like the couple of guys that do swirl finishes, they feed their families by doing these finishes. Sure, alot of people know how to swirl but not many know how to do it right. I'm not going to tell you how to do it and take money out of Doug's pocket. If he wants to tell, that's great but it's not my place to give out information that he trusted me with.

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I'll speculate that it's a "material top".

There is quite a selection of holographic designs available on adhesive vinyl (or whatever the base might be).

I have actually played with the idea of buying some, and apply it to my axe.....

Could look cool!


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sorry guys, im keeping this to myself......its really not an issue of money, i actually only do a few of these each year...i want to keep it special and unique to a brand......its going to be featured a lot in the next few months on a particular brand of guitars making its debut in july......after that, i wont do any refinish jobs with it at all......of course, you can always go to a certain website that claims to specialize in it, however, they do it completely wrong........

good luck on figuring it out.....i went through this step by step with a professional painter and he still couldnt get it to come out.....if you think you have it figured out, email me with a pic and ill tell ya if its right or where you went wrong.....and maybe give you some hints along the way......but dont email me until youve tried one, and no PMs...those are a nightmare for me on a phone line

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