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Ibanez "soloist Style Body" Dimensions


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hey does anyone have this style of guitar to take some measurements for me. ive been looks all over for them but cant find them

I need to width of the body(at the widest part)

The thickness of the body (at the thickest part)

The length of the body (at the longest part)

The full lenth of the guitar from body begin to headstock end

The lenth of the neck from where it connects to the body to the begining of the headstock (i dont want the the headstock/peice with tuners on it in this measurement becuase im customizing my own)

The length of the fretboard

The width of the fretboard at the back of the neck (by headstock)

The width of the fretboard at the beginning of neck (by pickups)

If anyone knows any places i can get templates for the RG series let me know. My guitar will be like the RG series in the aspect of it having 2 humbuckers and a single coil, and a tremlo bridge.

thanks all i just need these rough measurements so i can order my body blanks, my guitar is going to be very similar to the soloist style body so i figured ide just order wood off its dimensions.

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I started gathering more pictures to draw last week. RGs, Soloists, and double necks in this round. But I'm kinda burnt out on drawing guitars and the holidays are busy so it will be a few weeks until I get at them. Another problem is I'm not much a fan of those styles so I don't really know which is which.

This is a nice site, but I think that one or two people here won't like it too.  But you never know.

I'll guess you are referring to LGM Guitars and rhoads56. I would remove their designs with out question if they ask. I hope they won't ask. Anyone can see that those are two of the coolest designs on my site.

There are a lot of people to piss off. Any major manufacturer probably wouldn't like it because my drawings are too close. Anybody around here who is asking for dimensions to make an exact copy of thier dream guitar won't like it because it isn't close enough.

I should probably pull the whole site because of patent, trademark and copyright. I don't know how copyright could get involved. These are all my own artistic renditions of what I have seen. Patent shouldn't protect the owner from my drawings, since the patent documents are drawings and they are public domain. Trademark may be a danger but I am not conducting a business. The fact is I'm too ignorant of the legal issues.

I could do a better job of providing links to the owners of the designs. So that people can find the people who really make these things.

In the end I am just trying to make a resource for the community, both for players who are looking for a design that fits and for builders who want to make something classic but all their own. I think it would really suck if I have to start removing designs. :D

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I'll guess you are referring to LGM Guitars and rhoads56. I would remove their designs with out question if they ask. I hope they won't ask. Anyone can see that those are two of the coolest designs on my site.

maybe out of courtesy you should have asked before drawing them up.

it is never too late to ask

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Not to sound rude or negative, but EVERYBODY should remember that publishing drawings of another design, specifically one with a trademark or patent is very illegal.

I replied to you in email, but for ANYONE wishing to publish (and yes, having designs on a website is publishing) drawings of other guitars you become subject to lawsuits.

The Leviathan is a patent pending design as of now. It has been filed, I have the file number etc.

Even once the patent is through I do not want drawings published unless done so by myself personally.

The last thing any designer wants is to have copies of his/her guitars coming out everywhere. Paying for a design patent and the trademarks is not cheap, there is a specific reason for doing it, that reason is protection. If I didn't care who built that shape, I wouldn't have bothered, but this is my life, my job, I'm not pissed right now because it wasn't known (though common courtesy should have dictated asking permission first) but in the future if necessary, more drastic measures can and will be taken.

For what it's worth, ALL of the body designs in the download section of this site are there without permission of the company or designer, should anyone build from those drawings without permission and sell those instruments in the country or countries of patent you are subject to penatly under law, this website is also subject to penalty under law for providing those drawings without permission. The only saving grace is on the website they can be utilized "for reference only".

I've learned a LOT about patent and trademark law in the last 2 weeks as I watched the $$$$ go to lawyers, it's a pretty sticky business.


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