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Les Paul Decal


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I recently imported a Burny Les Paul, as pictured here except mine is left handed


I've always loved the Custom in white except Gibson don't make it for lefty's plus i own a couple of Japanese lefties and have been impressed with the quality, this is no exception.

Couple of days ago i bought a replacement Gibson overlay


Now i know imitations are a big no no! As an original Gibson owner i agree, however i'm bending the rules slightly in my head as Gibson don't make the guitar i want for left handers.

My question to you folks is, the headstock on the Burny isn't the exact shape as the Gibson overlay, it's almost but not quite. To just replace the overlay would require i shave the headstock a little and repaint it. My other option is to remove the decals from the Gibson overlay, and apply them to the Burny and just refinish the front of the headstock.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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no i got it on ebay from some folks in Germany smile.gif i'm not 100% it original Gibson but all the same its very good.

Good Lord. I thought all the guitar companies were cracking down on crap like this. Just last week someone posted that his imitation Bigsby (without the Bigsby logo) auction was taken down because Gretch complained to eBay.

If you want to pretend you have a Gibson, fine, that's your bing. Just don't be a jerk and try to pawn it off to some unsuspecting newbie. Gibson makes plenty of left-handed guitars and the reason why stuff like this is illegal is so people don't get duped into buying fake guitars. Not cool, man. :D

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He's not trying to dupe anyone. But, like most of these types of things, the work will be done in a half arsed fashion, the guy wont be happy with it after a few years, or will need the money, and he'll sell it off. The new owner may or may not know its a fake gibson, but regardless, i guarantee the next owner doesnt tell anyone its a faker.

Its just a friggin name, wont make the guitar play, sound, feel ANY better. Forget about it.

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I have a 2004 left hand gibson custom in the workshop right now. They DO make them, buy one.  What your doing is called FRAUD. Exactly the same as giving a false name to police, or using a stolen creditcard.

really in white? i'm not tryin to scam anyone here, i'm not doing this with a view to selling it. forget i asked :D

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Is it just me, or is there

1. 2 new members wanting logos/ change the name on headstock

2. Both for left handed guitars

3. One owns a real Gibson, and wants to add a fake name to a Gibson copy, and the other owns a real Ibanez, but wants to change the logo to a Jem.

Either thats quite the coincidence, or....



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...or we just have a lot of new members likely because of the Guitar Player feature and they're trying to get advice on things we discussed a year ago, maybe?

BTW, I WAS looking around here a year ago, I just didn't join until March when I found out a friend of mine posted stuff here too.

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i think it's fraud if he goes to sell it, not if he alters it for his personal whatever. in any event as long as its for his personal whatever i could care less, but if he sells it on ebay then thats a different story:)


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Just for kicks I'll toss in my 2 cents. I have a deep disgust for Gibson as a company, basically since Henry took over. So I hope that's not affecting my position. I don't think it is, because I thought about other companies that I like, and I would say the same thing.

If the logo is used (on a Gibson) for a headstock repair, or even a total neck replacement, then by all means, use it. If you're replacing a crappy silk screened logo headstock (on a Gibson) with this one for visual purposes, I also support it. But for your situation, I still say it's okay. If you sold it you have to tell the next buyer, but what they do is on their conscience, not yours. You aren't misrepresenting your product.

This is just my moral opinion. I don't know the legalities but I will always say that you can do whatever you want to your own guitar, so long as you continue to own it. However, if you were making CD's and music videos, It shouldn't be included in any photos or shots. Really you shouldn't use it at gigs either, but my personal opinion is still that you should do whatever you want. Me, I'd be proud to have a logo that WASN'T Gibson's, regardless of what that was, because I detest what that logo stands for today. (oppression and tyranny :D )

Heck it even stands for "overpriced lefty" too, so that perhaps your only affordable alternative is a copy, I don't know. Some people are slaves to the logo, and that's sad, but who am I to judge? If the logo would really make you feel like your guitar looked right, then I say go ahead.

From a repairman's standpoint, I've done headstock overlays (not "logo" ones, but structural or cosmetic ones like for headstock repairs and such) and I'd say if your headstock is bigger than the Gibson overlay then re-fit and refinish the sides of the headstock as well. Don't try to lift the inlays and re-do them.

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