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while playing my les paul i keep getting fret buzz.

my action is correct, and i can see that the string is not touching any other frets.

its not the nut: when i play open strings its fine.

pressure is fine, i can hold it down really hard and it still does it

position is fine, im playing right behind the fret.

how should the saddle be set? ive tried it full forward, full backward and middle, which had no effect.

it does it when i finger pick and use a plectrum, so its not the plectrum.

what could it be?! its really pissing me off.

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if you are getting fret buzz then either your action is too low or you are tuned too low.go here to make sure. also you may have neck bow or just an unlevel fretboard.go here to see how to make sure of that. and the saddles you moved back and forth are for intonation so now you need to go here to fix that.when you moved the saddles you mess up your intonation which means in effect that you are no longer in tune on the entire length of the neck.

to recap.

tune to e(or d at the lowest for a les paul with reg.strings)

check for and correct any neck bow

raise your acftion just high enough to stop the buzzing

correct your intonation

in that order.and if you ever change string guages you will have to do it all over again

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just adjusted my action, and it stoped the buzzing. thank god for that.

im not sure how high im meant to have the action set, but im quite happy with how it is now, it feels just like my acoustic :D

the only question i have is about pickup height. is it better to have the pickup as close to the strings as possible without the strings touching it or getting in the way of the pick?

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The closer you get then the better chance you'll run into a thing known as wolf tone where they actually growl with feedback.

I usually adjust mine to the way I'm going to play that particular guitar. If I know I'll attack the strings hard then I lower them otherwise I adjust them so the pole pieces are a hair lower then the height of the fret board itself. Seems to be a safe distance so far.

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most replacement pickup manufacturers like seymour and dimarzio have recomended distances from the string to each side of the pickup for the "optimal" sound, just look for the distances for the PAF's, they're probably the closest things, i think it's listen under the FAQ's section for dimarzio..

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