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MDF/HDF in guitar construction

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I feel like im continously posting on here, and i must apologise for this.

anyway, heres wot i hope to be my last stupid question until i actually start making the guitar: is it possible to make a guitar out of either MDF or HDF, or will it just sound complete poop?

also, has anyone eva seen any pics of an SG style guitar with either a Strat or tele style headstock? if so, how did it look?

Cheers and Beers,

Matt :D

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Maybe a thin veneer top of it then a nice clear burst to make everyone think it is made from it :D with black sides and back :ph34r: to hide the real wood B)

Oh and don't worry, you will never learn unless you ask or try it on your own.

Finding somebody else thats tried before you helps too :D

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Guest AlexVDL

I once had a squier strat that was made out of MDF. Is sounded horrible :D It was one of my first guitars, and I didn't know it sounded that bad. But one day I heard a japanese squier strat made out of solid wood and I could hear the difference very well.

The MDF guitar almost hadn't got any sustain... the notes just died after 5 seconds. And the sound was a bit muddy and no highs at all. And with muddy I don't mean lots of bass, but just a sound like you close the tone pot of your guitar. Like you have tissues in your ear or something B)

SO I would recommend using real wood. But you could try though... I have heard stranger things. I once played a strat which was made of multiplex (plywood). I thought it sounded very nice, but when I had to change the tremolo strings at the back I noticed the guitar was made out of layers wood. But it really didn't sound bad at all :D

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Maybe you should consider plywood. I've played a couple of guitars made of the stuff and the tone is actualy quite nice. I've a plywood one here. Horribly high action but I got a perfect tone For Metallica's Whiskey In The Jar with that and a crappy Ibanez 10w. You should try one out and see.

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I know I've been reading about a guy who made a guitar which was half MDF and the other half real wood, but I can't find it anymore. I'm sure it was here on project guitar. The guitar was marbeled at the back, the MDF side and laquered on the front.

I'll keep searching.

Maybe someone else remebers it.

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I've build many custom subwoofer boxes and such and have used HDF and MDF in varying thicknesses. The nice part of both is that while supper dense, they still absorb vibrations. This is important in subs because otherwise the box would creat harmonic vibrations which, needless to say, sound like poop. This absobtion of vibrations is the opposite of what you're looking for in a guitar body...I do want to say though, that MDF would be nice to work with, but dusty...It's hell to paint too.


BTW my 1st post!!!!!!

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