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Swirling Results...

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very nice, i really like how you used darker colors. it really looks great, kind of creepy.

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:o very very very good looking... is this your first swirling attempt?

Looks really great :D

It sure is... I had to test a lot to learn how the different colors react... It was worth while though!

it certainly was, especially if you got that on the first try!

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To be honest... I don't like swirled guitar too much...

But I loved swirl in these 4 guitars:

Maelstrom's RG


Cerealk's JEM

and another Jem I saw on this forum (I can't remember who was holding her),

that had green pick-ups, and green swirl over black.

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Is this the same 7620 you refinished earlier with the black and white graphic

Yes it is! The back of the vampire hunter graphic guitar was awfull, and I couldn't live with it! So then I stripped it again and painted it metallic blue.

But that was to boring so I stripped it yet another time and did the swirl...

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What types of paint did you use? Does anyone know that is not going to be rude about it? I am trying to use different things and NONE of them came out to look half as good as yours!!! Incredible mate!! So tell me, what DID you use, Borax, Cellulose? Help me please!!


To share knowledge is the surest way to immortality. :D

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