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Dust Collector In Spray Booth?

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I recently got a blower given to me from a big Ventahood system from a kitchen, it's huge and hopefully I can use it for a dust collection system, but I have also been tempted to use it just for a spray booth instead. I was told by someone at work who has been working in maintenance for years, that it would work and it didn't need to be explosion proof since the blower was sealed off from the motor. Which it is, but I had always heard you need an explosion proof motor, but that's not always the case if the motor is isolated from the blower, it isn't necessary.

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In a lab, where I used to work, the spray booth had an exhaust fan (for fumes) and another device to catch the overspray. It was a wall, a trough, and a pump to run water down the wall. Overspray, except what was scattering off what was being painted, would get trapped in the water curtain.

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I think the term Explosion proof refers to the motor and blower being isolated from each other. I don't think and of the devilbiss"explosion proof" fans can really survive explosions, just that they won't explode, because the motor and therefore sparks are isolated from the fumes.

could be wrong.


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