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3 Humbuckers


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I modified my LP to have 3 humbuckers and i love the sounds i get with 3 volumes and a master tone i get a good mix and if i want i can turn the voluem all the way down on the middle so i have a normal setup. To me it seems a lot fuller sounding especially wen its about half middle with a full bridge bu then again its all personall preference here. And if set up correctly it wont get in the way

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My first guitar was a white SG copy with 3 HB's...but really to get the real benifit from it you'd need an elaborate switching system...for instance you could split coils and combine with other splits of reverse polarity and get some unique straty phasoid flavours...but then do you want all those switches and stuff...maybe you do....

BTW I think the idea was to compete with Fender's 3 PUp strat...it makes more sense on a firebird with mini-humbuckers and such which really were designed to compete with the strat on a number of levels (colors, trem, design, pups, etc) albeit unsuccessfully...

On a Les Paul it always reminds people that "Peter Frampton Comes Alive"...something to consider I guess...

In case you don't get the Spinal Tap References...Here's Mr Horsepower...


Ernie Ball Music Man Spinal Tap Guitar

Maple neck; Chrome Yellow body and headstock; Flame paint job on body

Music Man Albert Lee Guitar body style Guitar body style

4 humbucker pickups, sized to match the string width as it travels down the body

Pickup on/off status lights, colored to match to light signals on a drag strip

"Hot-fuel proof" rubber selector switches

Stainless steel exhaust headers, on the side of the body

headers, on the side of the body

Functional tachometer built into the body with adjustable redline that measures the attack on the strings while playing

Copper heat exchanger access covers on the back

Key signature Inlays on the fretboard

Tire volume knob, which activates the tachometer lighting when pulled out

Floyd Rose licensed tremolo system, with a gear shifter replacing a tremolo arm

Eight ball on the end of the gear shifter

Headstock signed and numbered by Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap

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