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Removing Dye?

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You have to sand it off.

But it shouldn't take too long or be too difficult with any typical random-orbit sander, I sand finishes back all the time with mine, it's no big deal really.

PS, Alder actually looks quite nice left natural. It doesn't have any outstanding figure, but it's natural color is a good color for natural finishes.

Just make sure you get it ALL off. :D

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Chlorox bleach, if you give it time to work will neutralize dyes and stains, except for Mixwax type spirit stains. Those usually take sandpaper or scrapers.

Oxalic acid, which is sold as wood bleach will kill a lot of stains. Again, not most spirit stains.

Kleen Strip makes a two part peroxide bleach that is sold at home centers that will sometimes work on spirit stains and will kill most others.

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Okay. I think I'll do this one a solid color finish, and save my next project for a Lite Ash Strat or Tele or something. Thanks for the input.

EDIT: Couldn't I just tint the clearcoat to make it look a bit colored again?

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Alright, Solid color it is.  Anyone have some suggestions on what color?  I wanted to do a Pearlescent finish, but I don't have a spray booth set up,nor do I have the money to set one up. Sooo.... I was wondering if they had that stuff in rattlecans.

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