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Stew Mac Compound Radius Fingerboards?

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Anyone have any comments or complaints about the 25-1/2" Fender Scale Compound Radius Fingerboard?

Im looking to buy one to put on my 25.5 scale soloist-type body. 37$ seems a bit too much compared to Warmoth's 22$ for the same thing w/o the Compund Radius. Or is it that Warmoth's is cheaper quality?




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I would venture to say that the Warmoth's are every bit as good as the Stewmacs, if not better. To my knowledge, Stewmac doesn't make the fretboards. Thus, they are the middle men and have to mark them up even more to make a profit. On the other hand, Warmoth makes the fretboards themselves, so its cheaper because you are buying directly from them and not having to deal with any middle men.

Edit: Okay, I just took a look at Warmoth's site and can't find any mention of compound radius fretboards. The only place I see them mentioned are on the complete necks.

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FYI, fingerboards are typically NOT quartersawn. Even quartersawn necks usually have a flatsawn fingerboard applied because it just looks better and would most likely hold frets better.

Well, except for wenge fretboards... :D

Er.. I believe wenge fretboards are 1/4 sawn...

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