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Black Veneer

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Wes, Woodcraft stores sell veneer packs, and I've seen ebony veneer there before. However, what I've seen isn't wide enough to cover a normal solid body guitar with one piece so it may require a seam. If that doesn't matter to you, this may work. It isn't very expensive.

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i need it for neck thru laminates...the lmii ones are nice,but they are unfortunately too short..i need 40" long by 3" wide or larger.

i am having a hard time getting my search to pick up what i need,...i keep getting adhesive backed crap or random veneer packs...

i don't mind buying an entire sheet...if i could find a place that would sell just one of them..most places have a minimum order unfortunately

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I used some of the veneer from Woodcraft in my previous post as laminates in a neck. However, my neck wasn't a neck through. I just checked outside - the veneer was 32" long and 8" wide which won't work for you.

My hardwood supplier (Houston Hardwoods) sells wood veneer in rolls, and you can have it cut to length. It's pretty wide so a 40" length would give you quite a few strips. They definitely have maple but not ebony. You could stain the maple black using a NGR stain or alcohol based stain. It should soak completely through the veneer to give a uniform black color.

After that, no more ideas. Good luck.

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The LMI black veneer is way over-priced.....There are several good Ebay sellers with dyed veneer. The above mentioned seller is very reputable. Dying your own veneer is difficult to get the color to penetrate the veneer entirely without a pressurized vat.

Here are 2 sources I use for black castello veneer and some dyed birds eye maple.


This guy sells in very large quantities and also sells on Ebay with some smaller amounts.



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westhemann.....I think they can get you close to the sizes you need....I usually just order full sized sheets in the colors I need and sometimes just say send me 10 sheets of this and 2 sheets of that. I think they are a Ma&Pa kinda operation, although I could be wrong, but they are quick to answer e-mails and phone calls, even if what I'm looking for is not in stock or just not available....unlike a lot of the real big dealers.

Good luck in finding what you are looking for.


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