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Neckthrough: Maple Or Mahogany?

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Here's my problem.

In the next few days, I will get a Carvin neckthruogh neck. It's made of hard rock maple.

Is it worth the 30$ more to get it in mahogany, for the sake of tone? Has anyone had good sound with a maple neckthrough with a mahogany body?

Do i need a mahogany/mahogany to have a suitable tone or what?


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It'll sound brighter than a mahogany neck. On the bright side(ha, ha...get it?)it should sustain a bit longer than a mahogany neck.

Ha, I forgot to give you a direct answer...you'll be fine with a maple neck and mahogany body. It just won't sound the same as a mahogany neck with a mahogany body, but that's not neccessarily a bad thing.

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if you down tune at all even half a step youll want the maple. Dont forget that you cant eq a guitar to sound brighter but you can always tone it down a bit. Id personally go with regular 500k pots if your using buckers. Another advantage to the maple is its stiffer


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I like finishing Maple more than Mahogany - less grain fill.

The first guitar I built was a maple neck through with a mahogany body. The sound was killer. I think it was the perfect balance of the sounds of the two woods. Of course, the thing also weighed about fourty five pounds, since I made it too thick.

It might be worth the extra money if you have a certain type of finish in mind - if you don't care for that stripe down the middle, but still want a translucent finish, it's a real pain to stain the two woods to any sort of a match.

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