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Floyd Rose Quality

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I'm about to start a project guitar (but not from scratch, starting with a cheap Warrior style guitar and modding it), and I was wondering how much difference the bridge would really make.

I have an '89 Charvel 375 with a Charvel Branded Schaller Floyd Rose bridge which is awesome, nice and chunky, with enough weight to move it precisely up a semitone or two without any 'warble'.

My only other experience with a Floyd Rose is from a Vintage Reaper guitar which is supposed to be a 'licensed Floyd Rose', it feels thing and less stable than my Schaller, plus it took a long time to find a spot where it would balance and stay in tune after messing with the Tremello Bar (and the only place it would stay stable, the action was too low and there was some bad fret buzz).

This cheap guitar I'm getting also has a licensed Floyd Rose, and I'm considering spending $185 on a new Schaller Floyd Rose to replace it with.

I would like to know what your opinions are on 'licensed' Floyd Rose trems compared to the Schallers and Originals, and do you think it's worth the money to upgrade.

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the schaller is also a licsnsed model...but it is superior to most.

i prefer the original floyd...but i hear great things about the schaller.i also really like the ibanez edge trems...

i think getting the schaller or an original floyd is a cinch to be the best upgrade you can make.but remember you MUST use the inserts and pivot screws that come with the NEW trem...otherwise it is all for nothing.you may have to drill a larger hole to fit the new inserts,but that is an easy mod,just be careful and get the holes straight(use a sharp drill bit.)

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Don't forget the Gotoh Floyd either. Gotoh makes the Ibanez Edge trems, and the Gotoh Floyd is simply their version of the OFR design with some improvements, like offset intonation adjustments and a tension adustable arm. Any of the ones Scott mentioned + the Gotoh are fine. Most others are inferior in some major way.

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