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Interesting Idea With My Acousitc

Daniel Sorbera

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I have a takamine EG560CBS acoustic with there TK4NT electronics but I also have some KK transducers that stick onto the bridge plate. These sound much better than the saddle transducer that is on the guitar now. But the KK ones I have don't have a preamp. I was thinking of pluging them into the TK4NT preamp that is already on the guitar so I still have my EQ and tuner and such. Does this seam like it could be something doable? Or will I just fry my preamp? How would I figure out if they are compatable? Or are they compatable just because they are both peizo pickups?

I think it would be a great thing to do to make the pluged in sound of my acoustic better but I just got this funny "if it aint broke, don't fix it" feeling...

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i have been doing a lot of acoustic work lately. and one thing that has helped me out greatly. and go ahead and get ready to laugh. but i just installed a speaker in my acoustic. it has a phase switch [normally out of phase.] i run a signal from the piezo to the preamp to a secondary amp[housed on one of my stock boards for the overdrives i build] and i get a really nice acoustic sound. i have to completely re do the eq from what i was used to, but now it has an ethereal type sound and dramaticaly cut down on my feedback. although i havent' thought about why till now. anyway. my .02

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