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Bridge pick-up

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The body on my guitar will be extremely small,so I`m looking for a humbucker in the bridge position that will be a little thicker(bassier).

Also,what would be a good single coil for the neck?

I know it all goes by personal preference,but I`m just trying to get some ideas.


Thanks for the help :D

This is the guitar


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what brand are u leaning towards? what kind of style do u play? the 2 big ones (duncan and dimarzio) both have charts for all they're pickups.

but here a few sujjestions,

dimarzio HB- tone zone, breed, super distortion.

duncan HB- invader, trembucker, livewire metal hum, seymourized

Based on the Eq charts those are the ones that favore more the Bottom end.

As for the single coil in the neck, that's even more open to preference.... could be anything really. but u'll probably want to lean towards "jazz" or the one before that, neck pickups to balance with all the low end in the bridge.

GL! happy hunting!

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Thanks for all the input.

I was listening to some of the tone tracs on the Duncan site.

So far I like the vintage staggered in the neck position and a SH-11 Custom Custom humbucker bridge.

There are no wiring diagrahms for a single neck,humbucker bridge.

I think this guitar will sound very punchy beacause of the maple

neck-thru.Not much wood on the sides(mahogany).

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