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Frets, Saw, Hammer And Fretwire.

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I have a few questions about slotting, sawing and hammering frets.

After slotting comes sawing. Okay i go ahead and saw em frets. Next is the fretwire. Ignore the radiusing of the fretwire and cutting and anything else. My question isn't concerned with any sanding and radiusing.

Firstly what all saws can be used for fretting. I don't wanna order any essential fretting kits and stuff man. I think a gents saw can be used? and?

Secondlyo many saws all diff are used for sawing doesn't the blade need to have a uniform thickness? I don't understand how it is possible to saw the frets and then just hammer them in what if the sawed slot is too thick or thin? The deepness has to be checked naturally with a card or wtvr. But what about the thickness and width of the fret?

I just saw and hammer eh? no measurements?

I won't know this uintil i order a book and try it i know, but i;m really curious so i'm sorry for stupid questions or useless questions or well for many more questions still to come! :D

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It seems like you have had a look at the tutorial on fretting. It leaves out the part about cutting fret slots and hammering in frets…

You need a saw with a blade that has the correct thickness. The thickness should correspond with the thickness of the tang of the frets. Use a calliper to measure the tang on your frets and if you find a saw with a blade that match you can use it.

When hammering the frets in, be careful and start at the edge of the fret board. Move on to the middle a little by little. And take a good advice. PRACTICE on some SCRAP before. It’s a quick job to take a piece of hardwood, cut a few slots and bang away…

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We could go into a 200 page discussion on fretting methods, etc. You really need to start by getting a Dan Erlewine book, or video on fretting, (Basic Fretting) so you can really get an understanding of fretting better. It's not hard at all, but to do a good job you need the knowledge first, then a lot of practice before you can really grasp what goes into doing a top notch fret job. I explain a lot about fretting in the Making Of A Strat Tutorial and might be something you want to read that's free. I definitely recommend you reading up some more before you venture into fretting. Good luck

Matt Vinson

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heck, I've been doing fret-work for about 19 years, I guess, and have those current Erlewine videos and even with all of that, I'd still love to see an Erlewine advanced fretting vol 3 come out.

I think the worst thing someone trying to learn about fret-work can do, is to rely solely on the internet for information. You'll just get pieces here and there.

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Hmm i'll order the videos, try for a week and then start with the video.

Thanks. I get what you're saying about blade lenght and the 'tang' of the frets. I did see the making a strat tutorial and it showed me and helped me with what you ere saying. Thanks once again Guitarfrenzy and you too Sweedishluthier. Soapbarstrat you're prob right but i will try a bit on my own(on scrap) and read on the internet and then go ahead with the videos. It'll be a better way to go about learning.Thanks.

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