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hey guys wat's up

few days ago i decided to change my guitar neck head from strat style

to a uniqe desighn of my own so i crafted it with a sanding machine

and looked real cool (look at the pic below i put the links here not the pics so the

page can be downloaded faster)


then after couple days i don't know what happened to me i think my brain was

in my a$$ in that day because i done the next thing lol

i decided to add more things to the head so it looks really cool

i was thinkin of cutting a triangle-shaped hole in the neck so it looks real cool

and i used my dremel to do that and look what happened


the white color thing on the head isn't wood it's a paper i used it as a template<<the only smart thing i've done



could u guys help me continue and fix this problem and make it

a perfect triangle-shaped hole

just tell me the tools that i need and some tips

and by the way i used a dremel with a drill bet to do this B) <<< that shows u that i have no clue of what i was doin' looooooooooooooooool

well hope u help me

see ya

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thanks guys u helped me a looooooooooooooot

thank u thank u thanku

and by a sharp chisel ,do u mean to use it with hammer and stuff?<<<that's a real hand job lol

and by a scroll saw , can i use the one that comes with dremel? the one that u can attach to the head of the dremel

and thanx again

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Chisels are cutting tools, edged. They can be tapped with a mallet, but mostly, if they're sharp, using them by hand is the way to go. Clamp the headstock to a flat surface that you don't mind mussing up, and start chiseling away. Actually, practice chiseling on scrap first.

And realize that almost no chisel you're likely to buy is ready to use, or anywhere near sharp enough to use straight out of the box. Google ScarySharp sharpening system, or go to Ron Hock's website and look at his info on sharpening plane blades. Same applies to chisels.

Google 'Scroll saw' and you'll see what it is. Dremel makes a scroll saw, but it's not their little multitool thing, so no, not the little circular saws.

Me, I'd go with chisels and careful filing (there's the serious risk of chipout to contend with). And/or jig up makeshift templates (it's hardly a template if it's a piece of paper, btw. Needs to be made of something a touch more solid than that), use a router (proper one, with template bit) to clean up the edges, and save the chisel for the sharp corners.

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Is there a chance in hell that this headstock will be solid enough to use again?

If I were you (and I've been known to do some dopey things too...though at least I'm willing to make the extra effort and write 'you' instead of 'u'), I'd fashion some kind of metal support plate for this thing.

I don't like your chances of getting the sides straight on this --your outside edge isn't straight either. Maybe if you get a router base for your dremel AND take the time to come up with a real template you might pull this off.

If not, chalk it up to youthful enthusiasm...you'll laugh about this when you're an old man of 25... :D

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I know there's a retail guitar available that has a headstock like that. I can't remember the maker, so I can't find it online, but it's strat style, completely standard apart from the fact that the headstock has this stylish hole cut through the centre of it.

I'm guessing therefore that there won't be a structural problem with it...

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DUDe, you mean floyd rose guitars?


Pretty cool idea, but if you look closely, the strings don't make it to the headstock, they stop at the neck.

Wandre or Davoli or whatever had some open headstocks, but they added metal plates-- here's one:


but of course he's added a structural support.

I'm not saying it will be an issue, just that it might, since you cut the grain between the neck and a lot of the string posts.

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