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Need Help Repairing Amp, Quick!


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Okay so I just agreed to sell my peavey bass combo to some kid for $100, but I have a problem, i'm getting a hiss from the thing unless i jiggle the input jack!!

the back says its dangerous to open, is this true? i think i just need to get in there and make sure the thing is connecting to the patch cable when it plugs in. i can see the jack connector in the hole and when its in normally its just not touching it at all times and this is causing the hiss.

is it safe to operate??

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As people seem to be soooo helpful in their responses, I'll try. :D

First, it would be best if there is anyone who has ever worked on electronic gadgets available to you, ask for their help if at all possible. Electricity is not very nice.

What it sounds like is the chord while in the jack was hyper-extended bending the jack and it simply needs to be re-trued.

This isn't a big deal but if you're afraid of it, best get some help. :D

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As Gorecki says, repairing or replacing the input jack probably isn't life-threatening, so long as you don't touch anything else. OTOH, sticking a paperclip into a jack can be pretty iffy, especially if the amp isn't unplugged and the power supply caps discharged. Just be careful, and don't touch the amp with both hands, and you should be OK.

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paperclick didnt work, tiny screwdriver didnt work....damn thing wont bend back....grrr

and i think i got the hand of avoiding deathl stayed away from powersource w/ the screwdriver and didnt touch any caps or anything, its all screwed back together. the input jack is enclosed and i cant get it from the back...

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Try this:

1 First and moast important is to UNPLUG it from a power source

2. Try to find (it should be there) few screws where the head section of your combo is (the section where input jack is)

3. Take off the screws and try to pull out whole headsection out(That will give you access to the jack)

I have bass combo and i had similar prob with a input jack and it worked on mine.



If you cant get it that way

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That pretty much settles that! :D

It's unfortunate but an element of gear these days. So many electronic things these days are intended to be replaced and not repaired, it probably will require the entire preamp/head stage of the piece to be removed to fix it if at all from the sounds of it.

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