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assuming that your headstock is still unfinished wood get some gold craft paint at your local hobby store. with a fine brush paint you engraving being careful but not worrying too much about complete accuracy. after the paint has dried completely take some 400 grit paper and wrap it around a small flat block of wood and sand over the engraving. anything outside of your lettering..on the surface of the headstock..will go away leaving your engraving gold..or whatever color you choose.

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That's either a decal or CNC inlay. Most likely it's a decal, the rest of the guitar seems pretty plain.

Engraving filler is used for filling graved cuts into pearl or metals. Filling gouged out lines in woods is not engraving, it's inlay. I know this sounds like minute details, but the end result is anything gouged then filled in wood wouldn't look that metalic, solid, and clean. Not with anything I currently know of.

You can do that with metals, or pearls as inlay, but it's detailed.

Good luck.

Craig Lavin


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I've seen people engrave things (like swiss penknifes) then rub something over the engraving which fills it and then the excess is wiped off. I was just wondering what this 'stuff' was! The PRS neck pictured is a CE24 the same as a friend of mines, which looks identical to how my penknife was engraved, except gold rather than silver. It is engraved as the letters are depressed into the headstock *confused*

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