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Gibson Decals

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I just want people to be like "o0o0o0o0 gibson explorer".

But in my head I'll be sad its not :D

You'd also be lying right to their face when they ask what kind of guitar it is.

Also, is there not a slight difference in the headstock design? I know there is with the Epi Les Pauls.

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Not to mention that the epiphone gothic has a rosewood fretboard and a XII on the 12th fret, whereas the Gibson has a real ebony board and a moon and star on the 12th fret. And a picture of Gibson himself on the back of the headstock.

Theres ways of knowing its a fake. I really don't see why having the name is so important, seriously. I could care less if my guitars were a gibson, epiphone, fender or squire unless it was actually worth money. If I try a Gibson that costs 1200 bucks and it sounds like garbage, I'm not going to buy it. If I try an epiphone that costs 500 bucks and it sounds amazing, then I will buy it. I don't buy guitars based on brand.


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Or you could just get some flat black paint and spray over the logo. Call it a "custom" or add your own logo or script. But don't call it a Gibson. It ain't right and you know it.

Besides, do you really want everyone to think it's a Gibson? I love my Gibson, but I leave it at home a lot and take the old Fender out to some gigs that aren't in the greatest places in town. When I do take it out, I have to watch it like a hawk because Gibson just screams "Steal Me!" If my $300 Strat disappears, I'd cry because it was my first, but losing the Lester would break my heart.

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I'm with crafty on this one (his signature too).

Why not come up with your own headstock design --something you CAN be proud of?

No one else cares if it's a Gibson or not. The people who say 'oooh' when they see the Gibson name will be the same people who say :D:D when they find out you tried to fake it.

Besides, a word of warning about the decals you can buy--most of them are really poor fakes. Just some guy who bought some decal paper running them off on his ink jet machine. You can see instantly that they're fake.

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im usually more impressed by performers that have the smaller brand guitars, because that makes me think they are working to make it sound good instead of a gibson which would always sound good

I've got a strat copy with a swamp ash body, kinman pickups and put an 'encore' logo on it. I love getting whispers/ sniggers from other bands when they think I'm playing a sub £100 guitar.

I love the look on their faces even more when they realise it sounds better than their fenders/squires :D

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Be a monster player instead, then when your friends laugh at your Epiphone you can blow them off the stage with your chops.

They'll hate you for it. :D

EDIT: One of the Sunday jams I go to, there's this older (!) guy who always sits in. This week he had a beautiful white Epi Dot Studio. Last time he had some weird flame-paint-job thing I'd never heard of. Other times he's had a Squier Tele, Michael Kelly something or other, etc. He always has an amazing tone. It's not so much what you have, but what you do with it.

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